Lunch is a creative services company that delivers advertising, marketing and production services. Founded in 2009 by Internationally award-winning Executive Producer and Healing Practitioner, Amy Miranda, Lunch provides everything from strategy to execution across all mediums. The company made the creative process as easy as ordering lunch. During the pandemic, Miranda heard from creatives who shared their need for specialized services designed to support the people, not just the productions. Known for their deep rolodex and ability to assemble dynamic creative collectives, Lunch is answering the call. 

“The need has changed. 13 years ago people needed production support, coming through a pandemic -  people just need support.  We know how many people end up on leave because of burnout. We have always been people first. We know how to make work fun, we know about ROI and we know how to bring people together. The new menu brings our approach to everyone. We’re sharing our skills, tools and practices to reenergize individual careers and corporate culture.  Places of employment can be places of enjoyment, and we’re bringing incredible talent to the table to do it.” - Amy Miranda. 

Lunch’s new menu of offerings help bridge this gap and bring balance to business.  The menu includes professional development and training to wellness workshops and creative retreats.  Served  up by wellness experts, mental health professionals and multidisciplinary artists, Lunch’s new offerings promise to revitalize careers, reinspire teams and uplift corporate cultures.

Some highlights from Lunch’s new menu:

  • Wellness Panel - A customized panel of industry and wellness experts, assembled to offer a professional review and report card for campaigns, product offerings,  or operational planning.
  • Tune-up - A consultation where a panel of experts will take a look under the hood of careers, teams, or operations. Providing a jump-start of inspiration and sharing practices, recommendations and improvements to help keep things well-oiled into the future.
  • Retreat and Camp - 1-3 day experiences designed to reignite wonder and create better workplaces (and people). Campers will have access to an inspiration and self care fair of programming designed to help recalibrate, create and reset. Facilitated by a collective of artists and wellness experts, fueled with music, and movement designed to bring teams, organizations, or individual careers back into balance. 

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Some highlights from Lunch’s table:

  • Jennifer Pastiloff - Poet, Coach and best-selling author of On Being Human and Right on Time (Forthcoming). Pastiloff is also the founder of the online magazine The Manifest-Station. Pastiloff conducts virtual retreats and  leads in-person retreats to Italy and France based on her unique brand of being human. She is a frequent speaker at events around the world, a constant connector and a power-up in a person. 
  • Bobby Maximus - UFC veteran,  Best-selling Author of books on men’s health,  International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation World Master Champion, Entrepreneur,  Speaker and Actor. Maximus’ Sunday sermons are as powerful as his training capabilities. He has trained professional athletes, actors,  corporations and the military to bring the Maximus mentality around the world. 
  • Ji Lee - Graphic designer, marketer, product designer, street artist, animator, installation and video artist. Ji is also a public speaker, teacher and a passionate advocate of the “Power of Personal Projects.” Ji was named one of the 50 most influential designers in America by Fast Company. Ji is the author of three books and a frequent contributor for The New York Times and The New Yorker.  Ji works as a Creative Director at Facebook. Ji’s past jobs include: Creative Director at Droga5 and Google.
  • Chanda Chevannes - award-winning Documentary Filmmaker, Writer and Educator. Her films Living Downstream and UNFRACTURED have been broadcast on six continents, have been seen by more than four million people, and have inspired tangible legislative and social change. She spent the summer of 2020 researching and writing Documentary Production in the Era of COVID-19, a guide for filmmakers creating  during the pandemic. She is also an arts educator who teaches on the art and business of filmmaking.
  • Nathan Jurevicius - Artist,  Illustrator, Toy Designer, Online Game Designer, Author, and Animator. In 2013, he added educator to that list and became a professor at the Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin co-tutoring a master class specializing in character design. Jurevicius’ evocative books include Junction, Birthmark, and Sound Vision. He is perhaps best known for his Scarygirl brand. Nathan has collaborated with brands from Ikea to Hasbro and his work inspires wonder around the world. 
  • Full Circle Art Therapy - A non-profit Art Therapy clinic, founded in 2014 by two art therapists, (Pearl Lee B.A Honours, D.T.A.T.I, RP (Qualifying) and Ashtyn Ford, RP, DTATI, HBA. has brought individual sessions and workshops to individuals, nonprofits and corporations. Their mission is providing safe space for people in need of mental health support, by helping heal through creative processes. 
  • Kristen McGuiness - bestselling Author, Editor, and Book Coach. She is the founder of Storyboxing, a book and content coaching company for writers aspiring to become authors. Along with author and influencer Rebekah Borucki, McGuiness is the co-founder of Row House Publishing, a disruptive publishing company formed at the intersection of social justice and wellness. Kristen has over 20 years experience in book development, writing, and editorial, working with such publishers as Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins.
  • Charlene Dinger - multi-faceted movement facilitator, yoga instructor, choreographer, dance educator, adjudicator and fitness trainer. Charlene has worked in Canada and Europe. Growing up as a competitive dancer and working as a professional in the field inspired her to explore and stay curious about all types of movement.  She is the host and creator of ‘The Compassionate Creative Podcast".
  • Jessica Westhead - Author, Editor and Educator. Her fiction has been shortlisted for the CBC Literary Awards, selected for the Journey Prize anthology and nominated for a National Magazine Award. She is the author of four books: the novels Pulpy & Midge and Worry, which was included on CBC Books’ Best Canadian Fiction of 2019 and the CBC Canada Reads Longlist, and the critically acclaimed short story collections Things Not to Do and And Also Sharks.

Horseshoe Resort in Ontario and Bear Valley Resort in California are Lunch’s Camp partners. Both resorts offer year round adventure, activities and accommodations.

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About Lunch
Lunch was founded in Canada in 2009 as a creative services company delivering advertising, marketing and content production services.  Over the last 13 years, Lunch has created content and campaigns for clients ranging from nickelodeon to Paramount Pictures and from Red Bull to Pee-wee Herman

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