Currently celebrating its 15th anniversary year, M3 Creative has excelled within the entertainment industry as a truly full-circle creative content agency and production company that creates and produces original feature films, television shows, and branded marketing content, as well as conceiving and implementing creative marketing campaigns on behalf of a diverse range of clients, across all media platforms. Of special note: M3 has handled the on-set marketing for four of the top-ten grossing movies of all time.

A multi-award winning company, M3 has, just in the past year alone, won a number of prominent industry honors. These include:

  • 2018 Golden Trailer Award - Category: Best Pre Show Advertising for a Brand - “A Quiet Place: A Quiet Theatre”
  • 2018 Promax Behind the Scenes - Gold Promo - “Legion: Inside Look”
  • 2018 Promax Behind the Scenes - Silver Promo - “Feud: Bette & Joan Inside Look”
  • 2017 Clio Award – Category: Theatrical Original Content - “Arrival: Common Ground”
  • 2017 Golden Trailer Award - Category: Most Innovative Advertising for a Feature Film - “Arrival: Common Ground”

Among M3’s Recent Projects

  • Disney Channel: M3 has just produced five commercial spots and a long-form documentary all across China, including in Beijing and Shanghai, promoting “Adventures By Disney,” a subsidiary of Walt Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products that provides group guided family vacations to various domestic and international destinations.
  • Entrepreneur’s Streaming Channel: M3 has produced Seasons 2 and 3 of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Elevator Pitch” series. The show features a panel of high-profile investors who decide whether or not to invest in great new billion-dollar products of the future.
  • Disney Cruise Lines: M3 has just produced two commercials in Alaska, promoting Disney Cruise Lines. M3 also produced a long-form special from Alaska for DisneyNOW, the home of many favorite Disney Junior, Disney XD and Disney Channel shows, Disney Channel Original Movies, and games
  • Ronald McDonald House: M3 conceived and produced this pro-social PSA campaign called “We Are Here” that drives all awareness and fundraising in LA for this international charity.
  • “The Hate U Give”: M3 just produced a 30-second TV spot for BET, featuring actor Algee Smith, to promote this new motion picture.
  • Fandango’s “Fanticipation” series, for which Fandango and Microsoft brought together Rotten Tomatoes’ Grae Drake, Black Girl Nerds’ Jacqueline Coley, and actor Jonathan Fernandez to discuss the biggest movie franchises which returned to theaters during summer 2018. Featuring in-studio commentary, film clips and Microsoft’s latest technology, this first-of-its kind series produced by M3 was seen by millions of movie goers.
  • “Dead Night”: This motion picture, directed by M3’s Brad Baruh and produced by M3, enjoyed a theatrical release during summer 2018, and is currently enjoying its position as a top streaming horror film on iTunes. Also known as “Applecart,” the film tells the tale of a caring mother who loses her sanity, setting off a chain of events resulting in tragedy and murder. The story unfolds from two different perspectives, when one night in the woods culminates in absolute terror. Of “Dead Night,” the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes has said: “More than just the slasher horror you might expect from its setting, ‘Dead Night’ is an ambitious film whose strength is in its strangeness.”

Regarding his company’s milestone anniversary, M3 Partner Roman Perez said, “15 years is a long time in this business. And we’re super proud of the fact that we’ve survived by focusing on making great content, not on making money. We feel that we’re a rarity in Hollywood – a highly versatile production company that can provide all types of content to networks, studios, and brands. We have the ability to tell great, award-winning stories through any and all forms of media. And we ALWAYS get the job done. We are also very proud of our great corporate culture, our ethics, our transparency, our ability to closely collaborate, and, of course, our amazing, top-tier creative!”

What M3's Clients Say:

  • John Rood, SVP, Marketing, Disney Channels Worldwide: “Disney Channel has worked with M3 Creative for 15 years because we are consistently delighted with the results. The company is a creative problem-solver. They know storytelling, and can advance the messages of multiple partners effectively and entertainingly. Andy Meyers and the M3 Creative team are among the best pros in the business. They give us creative excellence and peace of mind.”
  • Roderick Beltran, Creative Director, Branded Content, Viacom: “M3 is everything you could ask for from a soup to nuts production company. From ideation to post they are top notch, go beyond what is asked of them, and are collaborative in the process. Their skills at producing marketing creative is totally 360, with innovative, boundary breaking executions that cover the gamut of television, digital and social and experiential. M3 has the ability not only to understand and execute on a client’s creative, but also to augment and in many cases make the original client creative better. M3 elevates client concepts to levels I couldn’t even have imagined. Another one of their strengths is their internal editorial team. Not only are they fast and “get it,” but almost every time I get a first cut it’s tight and on point. M3 listens and collaborates with clients. Their pre and post is outstanding, organized, and if need be, out there in a cool way. The industry should know that pulling together a shoot or finding someone to execute or ideate on creative doesn’t need to be a pain. M3 makes it easy - they’ve got it covered. I know when I call on them to work on something, they will always execute on time, on budget, and I’ll get creative that is special - creative that I can feel good about.”
  • Bill Shaw, President, Entrepreneur Media: “Our relationship with the M3 creative team has been ideal. They have provided exactly what Entrepreneur needed for our ‘Elevator Pitch’ series. We had a show concept that we wanted executed at the highest level, and M3 came in and created something that far exceeded our expectations. From production through post, their work has been stellar and we couldn’t be happier. The fact that the show has been seen by 25 million people, and has a more than 80% completion rate, says everything about their results. The M3 team come in and deliver – there’s no BS. While we originally saw them as a marketing company when we first connected, a clear strength of theirs, we came to learn that they are also experts at producing focused content that sells the message in a clear and concise way. M3 tells stories – our story happens to be a reality show. They crushed it. Due to the success of ‘Elevator Pitch,’ we now look at M3 as a partner, which is so rare in this business. We plan on doing more seasons of the series with them, and other shows as well. The industry should know that M3 creates the highest quality shows, films and commercials, and that they can actually be trusted. In a business world filled with bullshit, M3 is completely transparent. Plus they do amazing work on top of that.”
  • Ed Tommasi, Creative Director, Freeform: “Working with the M3 creative team is easy, and their post team is without question one of the best I have EVER worked with – they just GET it! Instead of multiple rounds of notes before sharing a cut with our client, they come in ready to share almost every time. Also, Andy Meyers is great with communicating clear goals at the outset of each project. A recent project M3 worked on with us had many obstacles to overcome. I can honestly say that their first cut was far and above the single greatest first cut I’ve ever received from a vendor! Well done M3 –you guys make the whole process painless.”
  • Patrick Trettenero, SVP, Partnership Creative, Cable Entertainment, NBCU: “I’ve worked with the M3 team for several years, because I can always count on them to bring top-notch creative, as well as superior production expertise, to every project. For me, it’s not only the work that brings me back to M3, it’s the people. The relationships I’ve formed with their team give me a sense of security that the job will be done right, with folks who are a pleasure to deal with. It’s helpful that M3 has a great reputation in the industry for solid work. When we tell one of our partners we have M3 on the job, they often respond with a vote of confidence. One of my favorite pieces created for us by M3 was for an Upfront a few years ago. They did a piece about our commitment to digital innovation that I still refer to as the gold standard of blending entertainment and a compelling business argument. It’s not easy to make that work - Andy and M3 made it look fun and effortless."
  • Don Coscarelli, Noted Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter best known for horror films: “My experience working with the M3 Creative team was fantastic! I love working with them because not only are they creative collaborators but supportive friends. I can always count on M3 Creative to provide prompt, courteous and on-time service. M3 has created something unique in the industry-- an intimate, yet full-service boutique which can provide scalable service for both simple one-off promos to massive national event-style marketing campaigns. It's a fun place to work and they always provide personal, concierge-level service. The company has created several powerful promos for me that were literally make or break propositions. Most importantly they created the award-winning trailer for my film ‘John Dies at the End’ which managed to capture the film's unique sensibility while still selling it in authentic way to a wide mass-market. I keep coming back to M3 because of the people. They are kind, dedicated and yet laser-focused creatives who will get the job done with talent and humor. They may keep a low profile in the industry due to their intrinsically humble nature, yet their work speaks loudly. Their surrounding staff are whip-smart and experienced and fun to work with. I love M3 Creative - they are simply the best!”

Legacy Projects:

Since its founding in 2003, M3 has produced literally thousands of spots and pieces of promotional content. Among these have been projects and campaigns for such diverse clients as:

  • “The Power of Play:” Branded Content for Chevrolet
  • On-Set Marketing Campaigns for Four of the Top Ten Highest-Grossing Movies of all time
  • Created “Disney 365” for Disney Channel
  • Co-Branded Commercials for ESPN
  • “13 Reasons Why” Marketing Materials for Netflix
  • Behind the Scenes looks at FX’s “Feud” and “American Horror Story”
  • “Halloween” and “Harry Potter” Interstitial Campaigns for Syfy  
  • “The Making of Dig”: Special and Spots for USA Network
  • Topical Promo Campaign for TNT’s “Proof”
  • One World Futbol Branded Content for Chevrolet

M3’s first feature film project, “John Dies at the End,” which was written and directed by Don Coscarelli, and released in 2013. M3 produced this cult classic starring noted actor Paul Giamatti as a shadowy figure investigating a street drug known to cause users to drift across time and dimensions. Magnolia picked up U.S. rights to distribute “John Dies” for its theatrical release.


Founded in 2003 and based in Burbank, CA, M3 Creative is a multi-award winning production company and studio delivering all forms of creative content, marketing and advertising solutions to many of Hollywood’s biggest studios and networks, as well as many of the world’s most popular brands. The company regularly produces a wide variety of content around the world, including reality TV shows, interstitials, promos, branded campaigns, commercial spots, long-form specials, webisodes, 30-minute daily shows, music videos, mobile content, EPKs, home video material, and pro-social media campaigns.

In addition, M3 has produced two original feature films, “Dead Night” and “John Dies at the End,” as well as marketing materials for many of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including four of the top ten grossing motion pictures of all time.

M3 counts among its clients the major Hollywood studios Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., NBC/Universal, Disney, FOX and Sony; such top TV and streaming clients as Netflix, USA Network, Syfy, ESPN, Comedy Central, Lifetime, BET and Bravo; and top tier brands, including Audi, GM, Coors, American Express, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, and many others.

With a staff of around 20, M3 features five in-house directors, ten fully-networked, state of the art edit bays, full-service graphics and designers, cameras and gear, an audio mix suite, and a voiceover booth. The company is well-positioned to deliver multi-dimensional, multi-purpose and multi-faceted creative to the widest range of diverse, high-profile clients.  

M3 is located at 4111 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91505. For more information, please visit: