Madison Beer’s new single “Hurts Like Hell ft. Offset” makes its debut in an intense new music video directed by Lord Danger’s Mike Harris. Concepted by Madison and Harris, the piece harnesses the emotional power of Beer’s song in a story of abuse upended by a mightier force. Fear of emboldened women has been politically framed as witchcraft for centuries, and “Hurts Like Hell” confronts this directly. The video addresses toxic masculinity in an homage to cinematic horror, from opulent classic films to 1980’s slasher movies, in a visually layered piece that is striking and visceral. 

From a 13-year-old whose cover of Etta James’ “At Last” helped launch her career, to a 19-year-old who has come into her own, Madison is known for blending pure pop with hints of balladry, blues, and soul. She’s an unstoppable force with over 11 million followers, and millions more views and streams. For director Harris, the bold and unapologetic music video unites his talent for pairing stylized, haunting imagery with uncomfortable truths.

“It was such a rewarding experience working alongside Mike Harris and having him help take my ideas and make them a reality, far surpassing what I had expected,” relates Madison. “I was inspired by witchcraft and felt that it perfectly fit with the theme of the song, which is about teaching someone a lesson. I am so grateful for his brilliance and professionalism as a director.”