Joseph Finn Co., Inc., the industry's leading auctioneer of Cine, Broadcast, Audio, Lighting, and other motion picture production equipment, will conduct a 2-part online auction sale of a major event production company. Quality event production equipment to be sold includes: Audio Consoles, Speakers, Amplifiers, Video Monitor Walls, HD Camcorders/Projectors, Wireless/Mic’s, Backline Gear, Mobile Stage/Vehicles, Lighting Consoles/Dimmer Racks/Cable, Trusses, Staging, Flooring, Saddlespan, Lighting, Power Distro, Rigging, Forklifts/Racking.  PRE-REGISTER HERE  for bidding & updates

The auction will take place online only in 2 parts, Sale #1 & Sale #2bidding opens  Friday, February 26, 2016 at 9:00 AM EST with DAY 1 bidding closing Wednesday, March 2, 2016 starting at 10:00 AM EST and DAY 2 bidding closing Thursday, March 3, 2016 starting at 10:00 AM EST. PRE-REGISTER HERE  for bidding & updates 

Please make inspection of the event production equipment to be sold. The equipment to be auctioned is available for inspection - by appointment only  -  at  625 South 27th Avenue #120, Phoenix, AZ 85009. Contact Barbara at Auctioneer's Office 617-964-1886 or via email.  

The detailed listing of major event production equipment to be auctioned for Sale #1 & Sale #2 includes:


  • AVID Venue Profile Digi Console w/FOH Rack, Stage Rack, Road Case
  • AVID SC48 Digi Console, Road Case
  • (2) YAMAHA CL5 Control Surfaces, Road Cases
  • (2) YAMAHA PM5DRH Digi Consoles, Road Cases
  • YAMAHA M748 w/Case; YAMAHA M732 w/Case; (2) YAMAHA QL1 w/Pelican; (2) YAMAHA 01V96 w/Cases; MIDAS Venice 160 w/Vert. Rack Case

SPEAKERS (Sale #1)

  • (24) JBL VT-4889 3-Way Line Array; (28) JBL VT-4888; (18) JBL VT-4887-ADP; (30) JBL CSR-82L; (8) JBL SXR-708; (6) JBL VRX-932; (10) JBL Eon; (26) JBL TTM-149; All w/Covers & Dollies

  • (18) APOGEE AE-5; (14) APOGEE AE-6; (24) APOGEE 3X3S2; (4) APOGEE AE-15; (2) APOGEE AE-9; (5) APOGEE AE-2; (6) APOGEE SSM; All w/Cases or Covers & Dollies


  • (30) AUDIO ANALYST 12-Bay Fly Packs w/Crown Itech 12000 HD; CROWN Itech 5000HD, CROWN Itech 8000; CROWN Itech 4000


  • GLIC Video Wall 8MM 5000 NITS, (124) 25” Sq. Powercon Panels, Flyable, 6-Per Road Cases

  • CHAUVET MVP-12 12MM 4800 NITS, (66) 21”X24” Panels, Flyable, 6-Per Road Cases


  • (2) SONY PDW-F350 XDCAM Camcorders; (2) CANON KH21ex5.7 Lens; (2) SACHTLER Video 15 SP; TELECAST Copperhead G2400D Fibre; SONY BRCH-700 HD; AJA Kipro Racks; MARTIN Maxedia Server; BLACKMAGIC 10-Input 2ME HD Switcher; (6) BARCO CLM-R10 10K Projectors w/1.6-2.4, 2.2-4.4, 1.2-1.5 Lens


  • Lg. Qty. SHURE UR4D Receivers; SHURE SM58 HH; SHURE Beta 58; SHURE Beta 87; SHURE Belt Packs; SENNHEISER MKE2; COUNTRYMAN E6; SHURE 94, SHURE 93; SENNHEISER EW300 In-Ear Monitors 12-CH, G2-G3; HELICAL Antennas

CABLE (Sale #1) 

  • Lg. Qty. WHIRLWIND W4, W3, W1, Splitters, AMERIQUAD, Mic Cables


  • Lg. Qty. of Backline Gear Including DW Drums, LUDWIG Drums, YAMAHA Drums, MARSHALL Ampeg, GALLION Kruger, FINDER, SWR, KORG, ROLAND, KURZWEIL, Latin Percussion, VOX, Amps, Keyboards


  • 2001 STAGELINE SL250 T/A Mobile Stage, 24’X32” 14,000 Lb. Roof, Reversible Down Stage

  • 2005 FREIGHTLINER M2 24’ Box Truck, 6-Wheel, Automatic, Hyd. Tail, Mercedes Engine

  • 2004 FREIGHTLINER M2 24’ Box Truck, 6-Wheel, 6-Speed, Hyd. Tail, Mercedes Engine

  • (2) 2004 HYUNDAI 53’ T/A Trailers, 24” Logistical Poles, Ramp Cage, Auto Air Fill

  • 2005 FORD E250 Ext. Cargo Van; 1984 FRUEHAUF 53’ T/A Trailer


  • HIGH END SYSTEMS Hog 4 Console
  • HIGH END SYSTEMS Full Boar 4 Console
  • ETC 24-48 Console; LEPRECON 1536 Console; LEPRECON 612 Console
  • (5) ETC Sensor 48 Port. Dimmer Racks, (72) D20, (17) AFM, 14CC20, (7) CCM, Hot Patch, Soco, Edison
  • (2) ETC Sensor 24 Port. Dimmer Racks, (23) D20, Hot Patch, Stage Pin
  • Lg. Qty. Cable Including EDISON, SOCO, POWERCON, EP8, NL4, NL8, L2130, Feeder, 4/0, 2/0, 1/0 #2 Entertainment

TRUSSES (Sale #2) 

  • Lg. Qty. GLOBAL F34 Duratruss w/Pins Including (40) F34-SQ4116; (80) F34-SQ4111-1250; (12) F34-SQ4110; (6) F34-SQ4112-215; (72) F34-MCB-ST-UJB-12

  • Lg. Qty. TOTAL STRUCTURES Aluminum Trusses w/Bolts Including (67) 12”X12”X10’; (200) 12”X12”X8’; (11) 12”X12”X5’; (10) 12’X12’X3’; (2) 12’X12’X2’; (20) 12’X12’X12” Corner; (2) 12’X12’X12” Hinge; (2) 12”X12”X12’ O.D. Circle; (2) 12”X12”X16’ O.D. Circle; (1) 12”X12”X20’ O.D. Circle

  • Lg. Qty. TOMCAT PRT Including (30) 23”X30”X Approx. 8’ w/Bolts, (2) PRT 2-Way Corner Blocks, (6) PRT Articulating Corners

  • THOMAS Roof Climbing Tower w/(4) Sleeve Blocks PRT or 12”; (2) Sleeve Blocks, 12”X12”, (6) Roller Beams, (4) Tower Bases, (4) Truss Hinge 6’; (8) 10’ Tower Truss

STAGING (Sale #2) 

  • Lg. Qty. STAGING CONCEPTS 9600 Decking, (67) 4’X8’, (2) 4’X4’, (6) 2’X8’; Corners, 5 & 9 Tread Stairs; Rolling Riser, Castors, (40) 9600 24”-36” Adj. Under Structure; (30) 9600 36”-54” Adj. Under Structure; (48) 9600 48”X72” Adj. Under Stucture; Lg. Qty. Fixed Leg

  • (60) 4’X8’ Guardrail; (8) 4’X8’ ADA Guardrail Block


  • Approx. 43,000 Sq. Ft. Event Deck, 1’X2’ Poly Panels, Green


  • TENTNOLOGY Saddlespan’s; (5) S2000 Open Yellow; (1) S5000 Closed Back Purple

LIGHTING (Sale #2) 

  • (18) MARTIN Mac 700; (8) MARTIN Mac 250 Entour; w/Cases

  • (4) LYCIAN 1275 Follow Spot w/Road Case, (8) HIGH END SYSTEMS Techno Beam

  • (24) CHAUVET Legend 412; (70) CHAUVET Colorado iP65

  • (300) ETC Source 4 Par; (100) ETC Source 4 Leko

  • (20) PIXELRANGE Micro w/LED, Cases; (8) PIXELRANGE 1044 LED w/Cases; SOFT LED Medium X 16X33 Curtain w/Cases


  • (4) MOTION LABS 200 Amp Power Distro, Camlok, Edison, (12) L2130 Outputs; (4) 300 Amp Camlok Dist Center

RIGGING (Sale #2) 

  • (8) GENIE ST25 Super Tower Lifts

  • (22) C-M 1 Ton Elec. Hoists, 3 PH, Job Boxes; (6) C-M ½ Ton Elec. Hoists, 1 PH, Job Boxes; (3) C-M 2 Ton Elec. Hoists, 3 PH, Job Boxes

  • (4) APPLIED ELEC. L16 Lifts; (3) MOTION LABS 8-Way Motor Controls; SKJONBERG 8-Way Motor Control


  • CATERPILLAR GC25K LPG Forklift, 4000 Lb., Side Shift, Power Width, Solid R.T., 4311 Hrs.; HYSTER 50 LPG Forklift, Solid R.T., Side Shift, 1971 Hrs.

  • (50) Sect. Adj. Pallet Racking, Clip Type w/Wire Decking

SOFT GOODS (Sale #2) 

  • 16’ Velour Pipe & Drape; 27’X15’ COMMANDO 50% Full; 25’ PRESIDENTIAL Blue Velour

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Auction Details Summary: major event production company production equipment

Auction Date/TimeOnline Only  The auction will take place online only in 2 parts, Sale #1 & Sale #2bidding opens  Friday, February 26, 2016 at 9:00 AM EST with DAY 1 bidding closing Wednesday, March 2, 2016 starting at 10:00 AM EST and DAY 2 bidding closing Thursday, March 3, 2016 starting at 10:00 AM EST. PRE-REGISTER HERE  for bidding & updates 


PLEASE NOTE! This auction has staggered ending closing times with 2 Lots closing every minute in numerical order. For Example: Lots #1 and 2 will start to close at 10:00am (EST), Lots #3 and 4 will start to close at 10:01am (EST) and so forth. Each following 2 items will close one minute after the previous. Also note that extended bidding is still in place. Therefore, if Lot 1 goes into extended bidding Lot 2 will still close at 10:00 AM and Lots 3 & 4 will still close at 10:01 AM, etc. (unless they also go into extended bidding) while Lot 1 is still in extended bidding. This scenario applies to all lots.

PLEASE NOTE! Extended bidding applies to all items. Each item will remain open until no bids have been received for a 5 minute period. If you have any questions regarding extended bidding, please contact us. If you have any questions regarding extended bidding, please  Contact Barbara at Joseph Finn via email for questions.

Location of Inspection:  625 South 27th Avenue #120, Phoenix, AZ 85009.  

Inspection Date:  By Appointment Only  Contact Barbara at Auctioneer's Office 617-964-1886 or send  email here.

Interactive online auction location PRE-REGISTER HERE  for bidding & updates 

Note: Use The "Max Bid" Feature To Bid For You So You Do Not Need To Continuously Monitor The Sale. 

TERMS:  A 15% Buyer's Premium (BP) for buyers paying via Cash, Cashiers Check, Company Check or Wire Transfer will apply to your purchase or 18% BP for any buyers paying via Credit Card. (Example: a $100 purchase paying by cash instrument the total with BP is $115 and a $100 purchase paying via credit card the total with BP is $118). Successful bidders will be notified following the auction sale by email. All bills must be paid by Wednesday, March 9th in our Newton, MA office or onsite. All payments must be made by (1) wire transfer, (2) bank, cashier's or certified check, (3) company check with bank letter of guarantee. Wire transfer information will be sent with bill of sale. Credit cards will be accepted up to $10,000.00. Equipment may be removed following payment in full. All buyers located outside of the United States & Canada should contact Helen Fitzgerald via email  or 617-964-1886 for approval to bid. A refundable deposit by wire transfer may be required.

REMOVAL:  Buyer will be responsible for loading and shipping costs. Removal: Monday, March 7th Through Friday, March 11th By Appointment Only. All items must be removed by Friday, March 11th at 4:00 PM.

For Pack & Ship Quotes Contact: Navis Pack & Ship Kevin or Nick, via email  or call 480-354-7000.

For further information, call 617-964-1886 or visit

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