Mode Project’s creative team believes in thinking big and doing good. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago change lives for the better, every day. These positive commitments come together in a short film by Mode Project that captures the realities and dreams of six extraordinary young Chicagoans.

The film opens with a sweeping waterfront view of the city’s skyline. Stark statistics of gun violence and young lives cut short tap across the screen. The numbers give way to six young faces; one of them looks directly into the camera and explains, “It’s really complicated to go outside.”

See the video here.

By blending unscripted, on-camera interviews with kids and staff, the film bolsters the individual stories with statistics as animated text and images of headlines (first with news of tragedies, then triumphs). The green screen setting for the interviews allowed the animations to enhance the reality and advance the storyline. Viewers look into their eyes and see both the hurt and hope as they speak. The result is a cohesive, compelling narrative. 

Partnering with Laughlin Constable, to produce “Chicago’s Own” for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago 2020 Youth of the Year gala, the film highlights the emotion-driven style of storytelling that is Mode Project’s own. “This project was a great fit for our team’s capabilities,” said Tracy Heropkie, Mode Project’s executive producer.  “It illustrates how we first make sure we ‘get’ the client’s concept, and work together to fully develop their ideas with production, design, animation, through finish at our all-in-one shop.” According to Lynne Fraser, LC’s Content Producer “Laughlin Constable's relationship with Mode Project is truly unique because not only have they proven to be an outstanding production partner, they've become trusted friends and creative collaborators to us.  Mode was an obvious choice for this project because we knew they would take our ideas and vision to the next level, creating work that always exceeds expectations.”

When the film premiered March 5th, at the Navy Pier ballroom Gala, the eyes of the audience met the eyes of the kids on the big screen. In just 4 minutes, the film communicated the impact of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago in shaping a brighter future for the city.

Canice Neary, Laughlin Constable’s SVP, Executive Creative Director said “Every year, the BGCC video is a labor of love for LC. Everyone wants to have their idea picked because the impact of the project is immediate and so self gratifying. This year, we ventured out of the box with our concept and were both grateful and honored that Mode Project took a liking to our idea. Their execution of our vision was phenomenal. Both creatively and emotionally. Seeing the video dozens of times, getting it to finish was nothing compared to watching it in front of the hundreds of attendees. And the BGCC kids themselves. Clearly, Mode was the perfect partner for our project and we hope this is just the first success in an ongoing partnership.”

Holly Allen, VP of External Affairs for Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago also had praise for the effectiveness of Mode’s storytelling. “Thanks to Mode’s expert storytelling and ability to turn Laughlin Constable’s creative idea into a reality, attendees at Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago’s Youth of the Year event were tremendously moved by the depiction of both the challenges and the successes Club members achieve. The video helped lead the event to an all-time record of fundraising.”