The debut campaign for LA-based Movita Juice Bar is the brainchild of Allen Perez. The SVP Creative Director of Production at Orci, Perez serves as the juice bar’s creative consultant and was brought on during the brand’s infancy. Curating the narrative from start to finish, Perez was given total creative freedom, due to both his deep knowledge of the ad industry and his unique relationship to the brand.

The spot comically depicts a zombie-like customer instantly brought back to human form after just one sip of her much-needed Movita beverage, positioning the brand as one that pours life into its faithful patrons.

With more than two decades in advertising, spanning the globe from North America to Europe, Perez elevates brands with creative firepower and top-notch production value. From his first job as a teenage video store clerk renting VHS movies to local Hollywood celebrities, to his current leadership role at Orci, Perez follows his passion for storytelling and directing with a keen eye. He feels a social responsibility in advertising, which influenced his attraction to jump on board from day one with the health-conscious Movita juice brand.  

Currently thriving on social media, the campaign has been rolling out in movie theaters and local tv broadcast, coinciding with the opening of Movita’s 9th outpost, located in Long Beach, CA.

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