Amazon Prime Video premieres today the upcoming four-part docuseries Always Jane - a production of Amazon Studios, Mutt Film, and Union Editorial - which follows transgender teenager Jane Noury and her family as she nears graduation and prepares to leave the nest in a poignant and positive coming-of-age story. Mutt Film’s Beth George and Shannon Lords-Houghton executive produced the series along with film subject Jane Noury, while Union’s Katherine LeBlond served as producer. Jonathan C. Hyde directed and served as executive producer with Union Partner/Editor James Haygood and Partner/Managing Director Michael Raimondi. 

Notes Beth George, “The chance to understand and be part of a transgender teen and her family’s experience was an opportunity Mutt Film was so grateful to have. We had no idea how in-depth that experience would prove to be, nor how much we would fall in love with the whole family. I hope families who see this series will come away knowing that no matter what your child is or wants to be, they are first and always your child and deserve your love.”

All four episodes of the Amazon Original series Always Jane premiered on Prime Video today, November 12, in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

This intimate and unguarded look at the Nourys reveals a family with unconditional love that shines through as they tackle obstacles head-on so that Jane can live authentically. Navigating deeply personal and challenging issues, the Noury family’s uplifting humor and kindness are always present, revealing the transformative power of acceptance, support, and love.

“I see Always Jane as a love story. Love stories always have hopes, dreams, and heartache, but best of all—a happily ever after. My family has always abundantly showered my sisters and me with love and acceptance, and that made all the difference in the world for my transition. My genuine hope is that a family who may be struggling with acceptance is inspired to open their hearts and embrace their very own story of love upon viewing Always Jane,” said Jane Noury. 

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