The one-stop-shop production and post solutions available at The Garage were utilized on the digital campaign for Pure Leaf Blackberry Iced Tea and Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea. Handling everything from Tabletop Production to Post-Production and VFX, The Garage guided the entire creative campaign from pre-production to completion. 

Shot in their New York-based studio, The Garage utilized their tabletop kitchen for preparing the fruits and liquids featured in the campaign. Running two sets simultaneously for the Blackberry spot, they crafted both a miniature set and a life-size one, later scaling up the former to seamlessly integrate real-sized berries with the Pure Leaf bottles. During the filming process, their LED wall and on-set robotics were used to bring the dynamic shots to life. The Garage VFX handled cleanup and motion graphics, while in-person edit sessions took place in their edit bay located in studio.