Hyundai Motor India's agency, Innocean Worldwide India, opted for a creative solution rather than the usual demo video to introduce a sophisticated piece of technology—Hyundai’s Blue Link connectivity— to the Indian masses. They chose to personify the tech as the stylish, otherworldly Blue Link Girl. They picked LA-based, Indian-born director Kiran Koshy to helm the campaign, via Nomad Films India.

Kiran has a knack for impeccably art directed comedic and whimsical story telling, with finely balanced performances, which suited the scripts and overall campaign tone. Kiran, incidentally, worked on Hyundai as an agency creative director during his stint at Innocean USA. This is his first campaign as a director in India. A serendipitous full-circle.

The campaign features 4 spots, with English and Hindi dialogue, shot under challenging odds in multiple locations in and around Mumbai, over 3 very intense days. Kiran is repped exclusively in India by Nomad (a brand of Never Ending Story Productions), one of India’s premier production houses. He is repped by Slash Dynamic in the US.