Recognizing that we’re all different, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach to weight loss isn’t realistic for everyone, Venice Beach-based production company Durable Goods and director Grady Hall unveil Nutrisystem’s new personal plan structure in a series of three spots dubbed “My World,” “Newsflash” and “Not Marie.” Blending live-action with poppy graphic design elements, the campaign spotlights vibrant personalities that echo the brand’s mission: building plans based on each user’s individual goals, body types and favorite foods. 

“My World” showcases a diverse cast with their own preferences (and an aversion to “airbrushed models”). In “Newsflash” and “Not Marie,” Marie Osmond--Nutrisystem’s longtime spokesperson--appears once again amidst a rotating shuffle of Nutrisystem users (who are not Marie Osmond), their unique styles emphasized with distinct rotating visual palettes.

Click HERE to view “News Flash” on Vimeo.

Click HERE to view “My World” on Vimeo.

Click HERE to view “Not Marie” on Vimeo.

Screenwork Credits:
Client: Nutrisystem

Agency : Tombras Knoxville
Producer : Halle Griffee, CD/AD: Heather Thrash, CD/CW: Rob Simpson, President: Dooley Tombras, Director : Grady Hall

Production Company: Durable Goods
EP: Rebecca Wray, EP/MD: Hani Selim, Producer: Martell Rose, DP: Thomas Kloss / Martin Coppen, PD: Charles Infante

Audio Mix: Eleven Sound, Edit/FX: Two Fresh, Color: The Mill

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