Led by Founder/Executive Producer Angela Guice, NuContext has commandeered 140+ remote productions this year since March. This month in October, the television promotion and marketing production company celebrates Latinx Month with two new incredible campaigns for Hulu and Freeform.

“Bringing the incredible diversity of the Latinx community to the forefront, and celebrating the unique personalities and viewpoints in both of these campaigns was an eye-opening journey and truly an honor,” comments Guice. “The experiences of the incredible people we met were so inspiring and we hope that their stories demonstrate the vast richness, creativity and talent of the Latinx community.” 

Looking to elevate LatinX writing talent, Hulu teamed with The Black List for the 2020 Latinx List, which focused on one-hour and half-hour original pilots written by at least one Latinx writer and featuring a Latinx or Latin American character in a prominent role. The inaugural Latinx TV List, which opened submissions in February and closed on March 18th, is a joint project of The Black List, The Latin Tracking Board, NALIP, Remezcla, and the Untitled LatinX Project.

As part of this initiative, Hulu has released  “All Accents Welcome,” a digital series of videos that profiles each of the featured writers. Using their 100% contactless virtual filming system, NuContext filmed each of the 10 selected writers in their homes being interviewed by a friend or family member. The resulting conversations were candid, insightful and often emotional, giving viewers an inside look on their unique backgrounds, and backstory on how their scripts were influenced by their life experiences. 

Filming 10 talents over the course of 3 days in 4 different cities, NuContext guided the writers on setting up camera, audio and lights for their on camera interviews, while client and production monitored over a virtual video village.

Freeform is honoring Latinx Month paying tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. Within the month, all Latinx people tend to be grouped together as one culture, but that’s not the reality. There are 20+ countries grouped under the term “Hispanic” and each has a distinct culture.

Freeform’s campaign “Soy Yo” celebrates the variety/uniqueness of Latinx culture & identity through the voices of real people sharing their experience as Latinx Americans. 

NuContext worked with Freeform to cast a diverse cast featuring Singer/Actress Amara LeNegra, Poet Yesica Salgado and Influencer & Artist Curly Vaelasquez.  All talent filmed in their homes using the NuContext’s virtual camera rig system with the creative team supervising from virtual video village.  Directed by Angela Guice, the final pieces highlight the talent’s personal story and perspective — in their own voice -- as a member of the U. S. Latinx community.

“We applaud both Hulu and Freeform for amplifying these voices, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to help tell these stories,” concludes Guice. “Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can still meet new people, share important and meaningful stories, and learn from each other using short form content and storytelling as a medium to connect us all.”