One Arts Plaza has unveiled the second round of the largest digital art installation in North Texas. Working again in collaboration with resident tenant and award-winning video production company, charlieuniformtango, the installation combines technology and art to provide an evolving and expressive living canvas. Twenty-four 55” plasma screens anchored on both sides of the 450 square foot lobby make up this impressive creative masterpiece of digital art.

“Art needs to enhance our lives. It needs to be beautiful and a reflection of the best of our society. We want to be amazed and mystified by it. At One Arts we have created the largest digital art in the city and it is a canvas for many artists to come,” said Lucy Billingsley, Partner, Billingsley Company.

Lola Lott, Principal/CEO charlieuniformtango said, “charlieuniformtango is so proud to be a part of the ever emerging art scene in the Dallas Arts District. Our team had so much fun collaborating on this new installation at One Arts Plaza. We hope everyone enjoys seeing it as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

charlieuniformtango motion graphics artists Gray Wilcox, Tony Wann and Michael Wagner; Jason Burks, Director and DP; and Producer, John Mathis worked with the Billingsley Company to create the technology and art installation.

Round one was introduced in October last year and consisted of 31 pieces and took eight weeks to complete. Round two consists of 25 pieces and took seven weeks to complete.

charlieuniformtango motion graphic artist, Gray Wilcox said, “The perspective of time is what our eyes are capable of receiving. In cinema, one second is equal to 24 frames. But there’s so much more happening in a second than what the human eye sees. Modern cameras shoot at incredibly high frame rates, stretching mere seconds into long moments of intricate detail. Something chaotic, like paint thrown in the air, becomes an elegant dance when time is stretched. Our hope was to give the viewer a chance to take a breath, slow down, and enjoy this moment.”

Billingsley Company wanted to create a consistently changing and evolving digital art installation to give not only tenants and visitors to One Arts, but also those visiting the Arts District, a new perspective by combining live footage and abstract graphics to create something visually interesting and fun.

About charlieuniformtango
Founded in 1995 by Lola Lott, principal/CEO, and Jack Waldrip, senior editor, the company has become an industry leader. charlieuniformtango serves as a single source production solution. 

The company directs, produces, shoots, edits, scores, mixes, animates, and provides motion graphic design, color services, VFX, and finishing for commercials, short films, full-length feature films, documentaries, music videos, and digital content for clients worldwide.