Launched earlier this month, Filmmaker U (, unveiled the first in a series of unique, in-depth courses taught by filmmaking’s best:

  • Academy Award®-winner Eugene Gearty, MPSE ("Hugo, Life of Pi," "The Irishman"), shares his tricks, techniques, and concepts on creating sound design.
  • Multiple Emmy® Award-winner Brian Kates, ACE ("Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "Shortbus," "The Savages"), teaches pacing, timing, and the equally creative art of collaborative storytelling.
  • Acclaimed colorist Eric Whipp, CSI ("Mad Max: Fury Road," "Lego Movie: The Second Part"), demonstrates techniques, strategies, organization, and problem solving straight from the color suite.

Oscar-nominated and multiple Emmy-winning documentary Director/Editor Sam Pollard ("4 Little Girls," "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts," "Sammy Davis Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me"), and trailblazing & award-winning Director/Cinematographer Kirsten Johnson ("Cameraperson," "Citizenfour," "Dick Johnson is Dead," "The Oath"); have confirmed to release courses this year.

“From a technical perspective, there is also a treasure trove of knowledge,” said Simon Wyndham, Editor of Red Shark News. He added “The course covers far more than I can ever describe in a short review such as this, and the nuances and thought processes contained within it will most certainly warrant going back to rewatch it, perhaps numerous times in order to truly pick up on everything.”

"The mix of technical specificity and filmmaking business know-how makes these courses a wealth of valuable information," said Editor Brian Kates, ACE.

Before the age of digital filmmaking, mentorship played a key role in career advancement. Sets, locations, cutting rooms, and mixing studios were hives of creativity and a central hub for passing on techniques, ideas, and war stories. The mentor relationship would solidify skills, foster collaboration & education and create real-world job opportunities. Today, young film professionals are often thrust into positions without having the chance to learn the craft from seasoned veterans at the top of their game.

Filmmaker U was created to help fill this void in the modern-day film industry. This online series brings the best in the business to any aspiring media artist who seeks to obtain this type of apprenticeship experience.

These courses are not software or hardware-specific unlike most online courses out there,” stated co-creator Gordon Burkell. “They are specifically designed to be utilized by anyone with any tool in the filmmaking industry.”

Filmmaker U courses cost $99 each and include:

  • Over 25 video lessons in each course (2-4 hours of video in each course)
  • Exclusive audio and video content in the Appendix section
  • Additional videos of industry standards and practices
  • PDF’s of industry standards and practices
  • Glossary of industry terms
  • Unlimited access to the class for multiple viewings
  • Accessible from any device

Courses available now at

About Filmmaker U
Filmmaker U is a collaboration of educators and innovators Josh Apter & Jason Banke of Manhattan Edit Workshop and Gordon Burkell at This online seminar series was created to give aspiring and existing filmmakers unprecedented access to the lost art of apprenticeship in the film industry. Our instructors are acclaimed and award-winning artists who are the best in the industry.

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