Hula Post, a woman-owned postproduction company, provided audio finishing for The Only One by the Brothers Gilbert, Noah, and Seth, in their first independent feature. Starring Caitline Stasey as Tom, a young woman on the brink of accepting a life of independence and wanderlust, who visits an old flame on his vineyard in France to take one last shot at a committed relationship.  Jorge Montijo, re-recording mixer, did the final sound mix in Hula Post’s new, state-of-the-art Pro Tools suite at their Burbank headquarters, where they also provide color and editing finishing services.

Montijo’s job was the sound restoration and the noise reduction caused by the cameras, nature, and even human heartbeats picked up by the microphone. “This was a remarkably well done, beautiful movie shot largely outside, which generally creates challenges,” said Montijo.  “In one scene, a chorus of cicadas made it complex to clean up because it is impossible to replicate with any sound effects or cover them up. It became a delicate dance to balance the soundtrack between the dialogue and the cicadas, which were very loud in everyone’s microphone.  The cicadas also change their songs according to the time of day, so they varied throughout shooting that scene.”  Montijo used the CEDAR Studio as his primary tool to reduce background noise.

“We were excited to bring our first feature project to Hula because one of their clients highly recommended them,” said Director/Producer Noah.  “Jorge did amazing work sound designing, cleaning it up, and getting it where it needed to be for distribution. As a result, our movie ended up being in a greater place than I thought possible because he is technically proficient and creative.”

The Only One is an Eh+ Productions and Rhino Films production releasing on December 10th by Vertical Entertainment in major cities across the US. 

Source: Watch on YouTube The Only One trailer.

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