Pictures in a Row (PICROW) Studios just completed the first spot introducing Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe service. The Amazon Prime Wardrobe video demonstrates how the new shopping program works.

Try Before You Buy
“The idea is as American as apple pie,” says PICROW founder Peter Lang of Amazon’s beta roll-out of Amazon Prime Wardrobe.“Try before you buy, and the more you buy, the more you save, up to 20 percent off your order. Free pickup for the orders you don’t want,” the voiceover says in the snappy short. Amazon customers will receive their boxes of Prime Wardrobe items at their door, shipped free of charge. Amazon has over one million pieces available from the most popular brands and designers. Customers have seven days to try on clothing and accessories in the comfort of their own homes. “Prime Wardrobe takes advantage of the ultimate fitting room—your room.

The PICROW Touch
The shoot consisted of two units working simultaneously. The directors were Benjamin Nussbaum, Joseph Remerowski, and Charles Son, the three collectively known as The Hall. Charles Son also worked as a director of photography with Peter Lang. Producer Sharon Groh oversaw the production staff of thirteen talent and over fifty-five crew, which included many of PICROW’s in-house production staff. PICROW’s staff editor, Gregory Nussbaum, completed the edit and post.

Peter Lang and PICROW embarked on the Amazon collaboration several years ago, when the studio started producing for the online giant. The relationship has since evolved, making PICROW a go-to production resource, most notably for Jill Soloway’s Emmy-nominated Transparent and I Love Dick, and the acclaimed shows Mozart In The Jungle, Goliath, and Patriot, as well as others.

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