Leading up to the 2020 NFL season kickoff, production company PICTURE NORTH and director Martin Rodahl have collaborated with client BioSteel, a sports nutrition and hydration company making inroads into the US market, to make a one-of-a-kind film with quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Set to audio highlights from the 2019 season which crowned Mahomes a Superbowl champion, the spot showcases his intense offseason training and finishes with a clear message: "Run It Back." Many are expecting Mahomes and the Chiefs to be Superbowl contenders once again, and with this spot the gauntlet certainly has been thrown.

PICTURE NORTH handled the Covid-compliant production from concept through post, bringing together a talented team of artists for the shoot in Fort Worth, Texas and subsequent cut in Chicago with editor Talia Pasqua.

“It was a really interesting collaboration between Patrick’s core team and our production unit,” said director Martin Rodahl. “We tailored our lighting and shooting setups to Patrick’s workouts and just did our best to keep up with him!”

The shoot is also a milestone for client BioSteel, who are looking to increase their presence in the US market. Having played a major role in the lives and performance of Canadian athletes for years, BioSteel is now backing some of the biggest names in US sports including Patrick Mahomes.

“Patrick Mahomes is the face of football right now,” said Executive Producer Neha Schultz. “We knew we had to exemplify that dominant spirit with this BioSteel piece. This project is a perfect example of Martin’s creative but nimble approach, making a dynamic and technical shooting style work with a very challenging schedule.”

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