Los Angeles & New York City production company Pluck Studio has completed a new series of 10 brand-direct digital commercials for MassMutual's Coverpath, an online life insurance platform. Pluck worked with writer/director Patrick Ortman from concepts and scripting through production and final cuts for the campaign, which is set to debut on Facebook and other social media platforms in September.

MassMutual came to Pluck with the challenge to create cost-effective yet engaging video marketing content for their insurance advisors, designed to help them reach new audiences. The project had a two-month turnaround from scripting through post. "We came up with a way to give them engaging content on a budget that still looked great by designing the campaign from the start so it could be filmed over a couple of consecutive days on a soundstage- BigDoor in El Segundo, near Los Angeles- with a small crew and quick art department and lighting turnarounds between sets" says writer/director Ortman "I love that Coverpath was open to a light comedic tone for these spots, they got behind us and really collaborated to create content that ticked all their boxes and compliance requirements while also offering an entertaining experience rather than a straight informational approach. It was a blast!".

"I knew we had to really lean on the strengths of the storytelling and talent on these" continues Ortman "when you don't have the budget to do big set-pieces, you have to be... well, plucky. You have to take a page from the old book 'Rebel Without a Crew' and design the project around resources you know you can get. It's not easy, but seeing it all come together was magical. To Coverpath's credit, they totally got it. They let me write stories I knew would appeal to their audience and they even let me throw in character arcs here and there across episodes. Essentially, I got to write and direct a little sitcom for them, and they've told us that the early results are very, very good. We're already talking about a follow-up series."

Pluck Studio is a brand-new commercial and branded content video production company that is based in New York City and Los Angeles. For more, visit http://pluckstudio.com

Selection of new series of 10 brand-direct digital commercials for MassMutual's Coverpath