PluckStudio now requires that all crew members provide proof of vaccination to work on our sets.

"It's the right thing to do" says pluck's CEO Patrick Ortman "I get it. As a production company it's hard to stand up for something, because it might mean your business will lose money. To me, this is a lot bigger than money. This is about protecting our teammates and our communities. Yes, getting vaccinated is a personal choice. And it's our company's choice to not employ you if you won't do the right thing and get the vaccine".

Continues Patrick "Even with the zone system and continued mask mandate the risk is too high to allow unvaccinated crew members to work alongside the rest of us. The newer Covid variants are extremely contagious. Vaccines are readily available and free. They are proven to work. And while breakthrough infections will occur, the risk of death by Covid is far less for vaccinated people".

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