Production and post shop The Cabinet worked directly with the brand's in-house creative studio on the new method men bodycare campaign currently rolling out online and across social platforms. The team at The Cabinet was led by founder Doug Cox, who directed; editor Stu Barnes; and founder/CEO David Verhoef, who executive produced.

“When method showed me the initial concepts, I was salivating,” Cox recalled. “The whole process felt like a creative collaboration that just kept growing. And once the team saw past my drooling problem, everything came together beautifully.”

This is the method men line’s first national, digital ad campaign, celebrating method men and the launch of the brand's 2-1 shampoo. Following the lead of method’s humorous tone of voice, the men's line also takes a lighthearted point of view of the modern man. A responsibility to nature lies within the brand ethos, and is well-represented within the product and the ads. The campaign includes spots such as “Pit Smellers” - in which commuters are inexplicably drawn to the underarms of one man in particular - and “Noggin Fondlers,” depicting a helplessly touchable head of hair. A third spot has “Shower Crashers” getting atypically close to a bather using Sea+Surf body wash. 

“I think this is what The Cabinet does best,” Verhoef observed. “Being able to create content from beginning to end gives us the ability to place our client's creative vision and brand identity at the forefront of every step of the process.”

The process, in this case, allowed for an atypical flow of ideas and creative collaboration, as exemplified by “Feel The Fresh,” a :30 social film that showcases the full method men line of scents.

As Cox explained, "Working with the team at method felt beautifully organic. When we started really playing with the film, we realized there was so much gold. That's how "Feel The Fresh" came about.

“We work in a day and age where our film is used and repurposed in a variety of different squares and rectangles, whether for social, digital or television,” Verhoef concluded. “This is now the reality of the films we create and The Cabinet has this in mind every step of the way.”

About The Cabinet
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