Crafty soccer moves are no longer an international secret, courtesy of an intriguing new online video series created by Nike. All six 1:00 installments are paced perfectly by original scores from the New York City-based music company Pull.

In the “FootballX Skills” series, produced by agency AKQA, street soccer players from Long Beach, California and Amsterdam reveal their trademark moves in detail. Beautifully shot and deftly edited, the videos demonstrate how to upgrade your game with “The Cobra,” “The Beast Chip,” “The Glitch,” “The Flick Flick,” “The Scorpion” and “The 360 Backheel Flip.”  

Pull composer Mitch Davis devised distinctive musical themes for the two cities, then made variations on each theme by approaching the different videos like individual cuts on an artist’s release. The Long Beach tracks sport a gritty, swamp rock feel thick with anticipation, while the Amsterdam songs build up a tense beat intercut with 8-bit flourishes and sonic effects.

“To make the scores varied but related, I try to think about them different songs from the same album,” Davis says. “For example, all of the ones in Long Beach have the same basic instrumentation – drums, guitar, violin – but they’re all used to emphasize unique aspects of each players personality. The spots for Amsterdam feature synths prominently, and all of the songs come from the same ‘band.

 With recording credits that include collaborations with U2, Danger Mouse, and Bobby Womack, Davis knows how to make the most of his SoHo studio – an enveloping wonderland of keyboards, guitars and gear – to create genuine artist tracks. His experience recording and performing as the artist Orba Squara, which has earned synch placements for Apple, Walmart, Iams and Goodyear, add to the authenticity.

Davis and Pull producer Scott Brittingham were glad to be asked back for another Nike soccer campaign, after Pull scored the award-winning series “Inside Small-Sided” in the summer of 2015. “Campaigns like this are fun to do,” Mitch Davis confirms. “The inspiring visuals open up a lot of creative possibilities.”

Creative Credits
Client: Nike
Project: “FootballX Skills” online video series

Agency: AKQA, Amsterdam, Netherlands & Atlanta, GA

Music: PULL, New York, NY
Composer: Mitch Davis
Executive Producer: Scott Brittingham

About PULL
Founded by Mitch Davis and Scott Brittingham, Pull is a full service music company for all media, working from their New York City studios. For more information, visit