There is no slow down for this Mississippi-set Southern Gothic Horror tale, starring Gary Cairns as Father Vincent, Luke Albright as Michael, and fan-favorite Trista Robinson as Mary Francis, as it continues to gain momentum arriving on Blu-Ray and VOD this week.  The story is about two brothers who operate a highway confessional offering advice to sinners and raining death on unrepentant thieves wherever they find them - when a psychotic resourceful woman named Mary enters the mix and threatens to destroy their unholy union.  

Australian-born-U.S.-based Savage who Directed, Produced and co-wrote the Purgatory screenplay with Tom Parnell says, "I love wounded characters. Characters without wounds belong on the street, not on the screen.  I start with damage - work upwards from there."

Savage has gained a powerful cult following from previous film releases, “Sensitive New Age Killer” and “Stressed To Kill” starring Armand Assante and Bill Oberst Jr.  Fans who faithfully follow Savage have tripled since "Purgatory Road" began it's successful Festival run.  Savage states, "I'm very conscious the audience is pulled into a film because of good characters and stories no matter the genre - so I make the female roles just as complex and unpredictable as male roles to avoid any stereotypes.  I think this really resonates with my fans.” 

Savage who fearlessly attacks controversial topics, addresses our current conversation on hypocrisy in the church with "Purgatory Road".  Follow-up projects include a limited-series for television entitled, “The Haunted World of Selena Miranda” confronting head-on Hollywood’s surreal obsession with youth, and the destructive pressures of aging female stars.  Also in development, “The Good Sport” about a young athlete almost crippled by his competitive, demanding father; grows up to become the secret savior of children bullied by parents to perform on the sports field.

What Critics are saying about Purgatory Road

  • Rue Morgue – Michael Helms:  “What you can expect from PURGATORY ROAD is a unique dramatic horror film loaded with fast, brutal violence that’s often as sudden and surprising as Savage’s ability to put sex into the same frame. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, the movie takes you down into the basement and really messes with you. It would be a sin if you failed to check it out as soon as it becomes available.”  Full article here:
  • “PURGATORY ROAD is a fantastic and provocative thrill ride” —GLENN COCHRANE, Fake Shemp
  • “This is a disturbing slice of here-and-now Americana in which serial killers are only part of the story.” — ROBERT MONELL, The Mad Doctor of Cult Movies
  • “a frequent visual recall of prime Mario Bava and even top-tier Fulci.” — STUART WILLIS, author of 21st Century Horror A-Z
  • “It's grand Southern Fried Gothic. Beautifully shot, expertly paced, and clear and lucid in its storytelling...” —TROY HOWARTH, Splintered Visions
  • “A pitch black evocation of 70's-era exploitation cinema.” — CHRIS WORKMAN, Tome of Terror, Volumes I & 2