Radiant Images, Inc. (”Radiant”) announced that the Stock Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) dated September 18, 2019, providing for the sale of all the stock of Radiant to Hawkeye Systems, Inc (OTCQB: HWKE) has been terminated in accordance with its terms, effective March 19, 2020. 

The agreement stipulated that if the closing did not occur within 90 days following the execution date, either party may terminate the Agreement and the transactions contemplated thereby. The conditions to the closing of the transaction were not satisfied prior to the termination date (as extended by mutual agreement of the parties). From and after the termination date, the owners of Radiant have no obligation in respect to the sale of the company’s stock to Hawkeye. 

About Radiant Images
Established in 2005, Radiant Images is a multi-award winning technology company and leader in advanced imaging utilized for holographic videos that is transforming media, entertainment and communication devices now and in the future. The company stands apart as a hub of innovation and technological advances in cinema, immersive, volumetric and light field capture, serving clients worldwide in a range of industries. Radiant has been part of some of the world’s first and largest never-before immersive experiences, such as the Emmy award winning NASA / JPL’s 2018 Interactive Program for Cassini’s Grand Finale. 

Radiants’ AXA system debuted at the National Broadcasters Association in Las Vegas in 2017, showcasing in all leading camera manufacturer exhibits such as ARRI, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and Red Digital Cinema.

In 2018, Radiant Images was commissioned by Sony Electronics to develop the world's first truly portable light field camera system, called The Meridian, which debuted at the CineGear Expo. That fall, ICG Magazine named Radiant Images "Light Years Ahead" for its advances in holographic video technology with light field and volumetric.

Radiants’ innovation continues to be recognized. In June 2019, the company received the Tech Innovation Award from Definition Magazine. In October, Radiant was honored with the prestigious Lumiere Award for its AXA Volumetric Stage and its development of holographic video technology. Wealth & Finance International in November named Radiant as a leading innovator in 360 image analysis solutions for the coveted Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019. In February, Radiant won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Best Product 2020.