Executive Producer David Perry and his colleagues from commercial production and post company Bella are proudly announcing the start of their representation agreement with Maureen “Mo” Butler, the founder of Chicago-based Mo Butler Reps. Butler now represents Bella’s talents throughout the U.S. Midwest.

Recently launched as a stand-alone company after seven prolific years of development under the auspices of Fivestone Studios, Bella now serves as the exclusive home for highly accomplished and multitalented directors Anthony Pellino, Jeremy Liebovitch, and Robert Adamo. Bella’s roster editors Brandon Roten, Christian Whittemore, Ken Conrad, and Tim Moore also expand Bella’s capabilities exponentially.

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For Perry, the U.S. Midwest market represents a hotbed of innovative creative development, where he feels Bella’s offerings are made-to-fit. “We are fiercely committed to building a culture of honor,” he began. “This looks like investing in and empowering our people, ensuring that our talents are protected and valued, and locking arms with our partners and doing whatever it takes to solve challenges together.”

Perry continued, “Mo Butler absolutely brings this commitment and bold outlook to life in a contagious way. She shares our passion for building uncommon partnerships with clients, and she has built her career earning the trust and reputation for delivering great creative solutions.”

“Bella’s superpower is the genius and expertise of its team who have built the full-service multimedia studio Fivestone,” said Butler. “David’s expertise for great storytelling, production, post-production and VFX will enable him to offer agencies and clients full-service solutions with accomplished directors, post-production, and finishing.”

Butler also addressed the parties’ deeply held, unifying perspectives: “David and I share similar philosophies which include an honest and thoughtful dynamic,” she added. “Being good listeners, we can give our clients the attention they require, while simultaneously nurturing our roster of amazing talents.”

Bella’s representation also includes Devine Reps on the U.S. East and West Coasts, and Jack Reed in the South.

Learn more about Bella at https://bella.film.

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