The Latin American community’s passion for soccer may be at its height during the FIFA World Cup, but even on an average Saturday night outside the local Taco Bell, a sense of good-natured competition can fill the air. Created via Cashmere, produced by Easy Mondays, and directed by Rocio Crudo, “Donde We All Play” centers on an impromptu match in the parking lot. The spot talent includes professional soccer player Ashley Sanchez, Mexican-Japanese-American model Genai Nakama and streetwear by Paisa Boys.  

“This spot is as much about the spirit of improvisation as it is about food or sports,” says Crudo. “Games can happen any time, even with a balled-up wrapper from fast food.” 

The ad may be about an unplanned soccer match, but 20+ setups in the course of a night shoot required the kind of agility and preparedness Crudo brings to all of her work. Adding known talent to the mix raises the stakes even higher.

Of teaming with the guest celebs, Crudo notes, “Ashley and Genai were each very collaborative. Plus, Ashley’s professionalism and helpfulness in terms of staging saved lots of time. Though it was her first time in front of the camera, she has such a strong sense of teamwork. And Genai has a super-powerful presence, which added a very kind, bold, and quirky vibe to the project.”

As an added treat, the commercial showcases “Siéntelo,” a new song from Niña Dioz, Mexico’s first openly queer rapper. 

About Easy Mondays
Easy Mondays is a bespoke production company established by a bunch of creative gourmands, voyagers, and trendsetters. We circled the world more than a couple of times last year. We produced moving pictures about cars, food, beverages, health, rock and roll, fashion, social issues, we published trendsetting magazines on travel and the pleasures of life, we wrote and photographed books. In short, we spent countless hours devoted to finding the most cinematic experiences around the globe, and we brought our babies and dogs as witnesses! Our pursuit in the never-ending circle of life is to create the most engaging content for our clients. We are known for our high-quality productions and our taste at selecting excellent restaurants in the most remote regions. And we do all of it because we love it, because it is in our ethos, and because we shine the most when we are crafting astonishing stories together.

The Easy Mondays roster boasts an eclectic mix of comedy (from all-embracing to zany), storytelling, live action, documentary, VFX, and tabletop, General Market and Hispanic Market, united in its cultural diversity and the distinct imprint of each director and team: Biceps, Rocio Crudo, Luis Gerard, Kristian Mercado, Alina Montero, Peter & Annie, and Beatriz Sanchez. The company talent pool also includes EM + Poster directors Sebastian Caporelli, Plastico, and Maca Rubio.