Television and film productions face unprecedented safety challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Run A Better Set (RABS) offers a complete digital solution for safely and efficiently managing background talent on set.

Used by major studios and their top productions in U.S. and Canada, the RABS App and Digital Voucher has become the industry standard on today's physically distanced set. RABS eliminates unnecessary paper and touch points. Newly developed features collect and track COVID-19 compliance documents—from training certificates to payment stipends. Seamless digital transfers communicate with remote accounting offices.

"Digital services enabling effective health and safety practices are essential for crews to remain at work," says Josh Weinberg, CEO of RABS. "The RABS App solves the unique and often overlooked challenges of safely managing background talent on set. We've been a proven, trusted service since well before the pandemic."

The RABS App and Digital Voucher health and safety benefits include:

  • RABS Digital Voucher removes touch points between background and ADs. Background talent completes their Digital Vouchers from home or on personal devices while on set. There's no exchanging of pens and paper, and there's no passing documents between PA's, AD's, Costumes, Crew, and Payroll.
  • RABS proprietary Skin® and Wrap® technologies create shorter lines at call and faster check out. Production reviews and approves Digital Vouchers and startwork and authorizes out times all in-app, from a distance.
  • RABS's customizable platform, streamlines studio-specific health and safety protocols. The app tracks COVID test results, safety training certificates and payments, and separates background into "Sequester" & "Hold Units".  And because all is digital, the app can quickly adapt to evolving regulations and best practices.
  • RABS electronically transfers all Digital Vouchers & startwork to remote accounting offices. At the end of the day, with the press of a button, AD's instantly send documentation to accounting wherever they are. Everything is accurate. Nothing gets lost. No extra scanning or data entry.

About Run A Better Set
The RABS App and Digital Voucher is trusted by film and television studios in the U.S. and Canada to safely and efficiently manage background talent. RABS was founded in 2018 by CEO Josh Weinberg and is based in Philadelphia. More at