Scout FM, the voice-first, curated podcast discovery service for smart speakers, mobile devices, and cars, announced that travel publisher WONDERLUST will distribute an ambitious new slate of high-quality podcasts through the Scout FM platform.

The hot luxury travel site from SPIN and Gear Magazine founder Bob Guccione, Jr. is set to produce three podcasts, on Hotels, food and travel, and a 30 minute interview show based on one of WONDERLUST’s most popular features, 10 TRAVEL QUESTIONS WITH...

"We are thrilled to be working with Scout FM because they are an innovative team who have constructed a wonderful and distinctive platform to deliver the kinds of stories we will bring,” says Guccione. “WONDERLUST has a different view from most travel media — we see the world as very big, not small, as vastly complex and wondrous and infinitely full of life, not merely nice places to see or stay or to put on Instagram. We will tell indelible stories that reflect the humanity and glory and true texture of a place."

Added Scout FM CEO Cara Meverden, “Bob is a legendary storyteller and continual innovator, so it was only a matter of time before he set his formidable sights on podcasting. We have no doubt listeners will be amazed and delighted to discover WONDERLUST’s new shows through Scout FM.”

Whereas traditional “podcatcher” apps require listeners to search for, subscribe to, and download podcasts, Scout FM allow listeners to discover podcasts by simply listening to them as easily as on AM/FM or satellite radio. Scout FM curates and streams 30+ personalized stations around topics like Daily News, Brain Food, and True Crime, and will soon launch a Travel station featuring WONDERLUST’s new shows.

"The first story ever told was a travel story. It had to be: someone said, 'go here, not there', or we'd still be in caves. And podcasts are the perfect medium to conjure a sense of place and adventure, because they take place in the theater of the mind," says Guccione.

WONDERLUST is a new kind of luxury and aspirational travel publication, sophisticated, fun, smart, intuitive and imaginative, and created in the perpetual sense of wonder our name implies. We believe travel nourishes the soul. We know where the best places are and what to avoid and what not to miss. Sometimes we are funny because the world is quite often funny. We are a manual on how to better enjoy the planet.

Scout FM is a voice-first, curated podcast service for smart speakers, mobile devices, and cars. Listening to a Scout FM station is like having a personal podcast DJ who finds things each listener likes. Scout FM is available as a free service for listeners on Alexa, iOS, and Android, as well as in vehicles with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Based in San Francisco, the company is funded by Bloomberg Beta, Precursor, Advancit in NYC, and #Angels.