Today, Screenlight, an industry-leading video review and approval platform, announces the release of the very first marker importer for Adobe Premiere Pro, a free add-on that significantly levels-up video editors’ ability to hit the creative mark for their clients. By allowing editors to import client feedback directly into their Premiere Pro timeline, this add-on makes the iterative stage of the editing process faster and easier than ever before.

The integration imports comment markers directly onto a video sequence, giving editors a simple way to track all the feedback that they need to consider and the tasks that need to be done. As they complete each item, they can also change the marker’s color, or delete them altogether. Additionally, with Ripple Sequence Markers turned on in Premiere Pro, the client feedback captured in Screenlight will always stay in sync with the frame it refers to, even as the sequence itself changes within the editing suite.

“As the market demand for video only increases, creatives are being asked to do more, under tighter deadlines and smaller budgets than ever before,” says Screenlight Co-Founder, Chris Potter. “With regard to these mounting pressures, we see integrating with leading tools like Adobe Premiere Pro as a huge leap forward in terms of helping editors get their work done quicker and with less hassle within the review process.” 

With the release of this first-of-a-kind free Creative Cloud add-on, Screenlight also marks the introduction of new pricing plans that include unlimited cloud storage for as little as $9 per user, per month, making it easy for video pros of any size to take advantage of their service.

Pricing and Availability
Export functionality is included with all paid Screenlight plans. 

The free add-on can be installed via the Adobe Add-ons site

About Screenlight
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