For generations, Baldwin has exemplified luxury and prestige. From making the gift of choice in the Eisenhower White House to creating a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-duplicated-again design for Jacqueline Kennedy, Baldwin has set the standard for all others to follow. 

Now the Baldwin brand is receiving an introduction via SCS to the next generation. While Baldwin hardware is trusted as an amazing brand with a strong heritage of premium design and quality, luxury homeowners and designers think of them in a more “traditional old money” luxury space.

With new challengers reaching new generations of luxury hardware buyers, it’s time for Baldwin to expand their customer base by updating their brand relevance for a whole new audience that has an entirely different take on what “luxury” means. 

In a strategic shift, SCS built a dedicated new strategy focused on a brand sell campaign aimed at the HENRYs… the “High Earners, Not Rich Yet” set—the future of wealth in America. An audience that looks at luxury differently, HENRYs aren’t buying for status, heritage or badge value alone. They want relevant connections with the brand, along with timeless, contemporary design. 

Taking inspiration from other luxury brands that have focused their attention on HENRYs for years, the SCS creative team built the Baldwin Obsession campaign, a contemporary and visually stunning creative approach that left no doubt there was a new Baldwin brand in the market redefining the look and feel of luxury door hardware. 

The Baldwin Obsession campaign not only targets luxury homeowners, but also designers and premium hardware showrooms, where many recommendations come from. “This is not a shift or approach we take lightly,” said Matt Zimmer, Vice President Marketing - Security Hardware at Spectrum Brands. “We’re making a number of strategic moves to ensure the future of the Baldwin brand, and shifting our tone is important for us to show the industry—as much as the audience—a new face and new passion for Baldwin as a brand.” 

The campaign launches on April 27 with a :60 second spot as well as a :30 and a suite of :15 second spots, plus :06’s that will reach across broadcast television, CTV, paid and native social content. The launch campaign will be monitored for consumer insights and in-market performance through SCS’s proprietary Marketing Intelligence Platform in order to inform and optimize the campaigns creative and media that will continue to roll out throughout 2022. 

To ensure that the 5 spot package looked and felt like nothing else in the market, the SCS team created an internationally diverse production team that included partners from Poland, Spain, and Colombia, and shot on location in and around Bogota. 

“Tapping into the global market for production efficiencies is not a new idea, and it’s an approach we’ve leveraged for a long time,” said John Zegowitz, SCS Chief Creative Officer. “But the added benefit of leveraging a diverse team of creative influences, craftsmen, locations and talent helped us craft work that is truly distinctive.”