Serviceplan Russia announces inaugural campaign for OPPO since winning the business in December 2019. 

The OPPO Reno3 Series launch campaign is comprised of three ‘mockumentary’ videos starring Russian opinion leaders: Alex Mazurov (photographer), Evgeny Ches (graffiti artist), and Oleg Ternovoy (popular singer), each of them sharing unique creative concepts. The three opinion leaders were able to bring their vision to life thanks to the advanced photographic capabilities (‘clear shots’) of the new OPPO Reno3 Series.

The campaign was launched in Russia at the end of May and will be rolled out in Turkey, Romania, Kazahkstan and Ukraine in June and July. 

This campaign is Seviceplan Group’s first project with the OPPO brand since it won the regional pitch last December. Serviceplan Group has offices in China, Poland and Russia and as a result, demonstrated a synergy of creativity and technology in its concept. The creative idea for the launch campaign is aimed at shifting the focus from self-expression to the inner self. In each of these individual stories, the notion of creativity is explored – coming up with the initial idea and a personality standing behind that idea. The stories are about intelligence and hidden talents within ourselves. In each story, technology plays a role in drawing out these inner talents.

The shooting of the videos took place in Russia and non-standard filming solutions were necessary along with online translation. One of the videos was shot by the seaside without a wi-fi connection nearby and consequently it was produced in the most natural way, depicting the real behavior of the influencer and the vision they follow.

Online shooting didn’t limit the agency team either – the videos were of high quality and the team was able to engage with lots of online participants in real time. The shooting, editing and post-production of the animation and graphics of all three videos was completed in three weeks, thanks to the hard work and strong collaboration of the agency, client, director, Filmservice production company and the three opinion leaders.

Screenwork Credits
Client: OPPO Vice President: Liguo HUANG, Marketing Manager: Binzhi PEI, Creative&Strategy Manager: Dongyu HE , Project Manager- Yayun HAN | Agency: Serviceplan Group Worldwide Executive Creative Director: Jason Romeyko, Executive Creative Director Serviceplan Russia: Evgenia Arabkina, Executive Creative Director Serviceplan Сhina: Kin Chong, Managing Director Serviceplan China: Marcus Ma, Managing Director Serviceplan Poland: Wojciech Putrzynski, Managing Director Serviceplan Russia: Olga Starichenko, Strategic Planning Director Serviceplan Russia: Anastasia Boykova, Senior Account Manager Serviceplan Russia: Sergey Martyshin, Creative Group Head Serviceplan Russia: Alexey Vereketa, Art-director Serviceplan Russia: Kseniya Golovina | Production: Filmservice | Music Agency: Fancy State | Special thanks for concert footages to Lakatum Production.

About the OPPO Reno3 Series
The mobile phone market is driven mostly by product features. The focus of the OPPO Reno3 Series is on the following camera features: Ultra Clear 108MP Image, Ultra Dark Mode, and 20х Digital Zoom.  The series is targeted at creative people.  OPPO smartphones are known for their impressive aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

About the opinion leaders
Three talented Russian opinion leaders with strong personalities front each of the three campaign videos, each with their own unique style; Oleg Ternovoy became the winner of a popular TV song contest and now he is a member of Black Star label. Always staying connected with his fans, he shares personal insights in his story. Alex Mazurov left his job eight years ago to spend his life traveling, taking amazing photos of unique, natural events. In this project, he spends many nights catching the Lyrid meteor event in the sky. Evgeny Ches is one of the first graffiti artists in Russia and for the this project, he carried out an experiment – creating multilayer graffiti.