Tomorrow is #PiDay, and while many across the globe celebrate the Greek letter “π” - in English, “pi” - those in the know immediately get hungry and think of one thing: “Pie.” Serving up a cinematic slice in honor of the holiday is The Cabinet, the SF-based production house whose collaborations with brands and agencies like LEGO, Doremus, Argonaut, Twitter, Salesforce and more are celebrated year-round. Written by The Cabinet’s Partner/Director/Editor Doug Cox and Partner/CEO David Verhoef, “Pie” tells the story of a man looking for happiness in the face of...well, a pie in the face, each and every day. The short film was directed by Cox and co-director Patrick Lundberg. “Pie” was a family affair, with The Cabinet team contributing to the project in front of the camera and behind the scenes. To underscore its commitment to the release of “Pie” as an event film, The Cabinet has set up, which is now live.

“This was an idea I had when I was a copywriter years ago that died on the vine because there was fear it couldn’t be sold to the client,” Cox recalled. Years later, he remains mum on exactly which client it was (however, it almost certainly was a savory breakfast chain going up against one that favored the sweet and sugary).

In the film, a man (Cox) puts his life before the cameras, mockumentary-style, sharing details of the loneliness and tribulations associated with a predictable yet inexplicable daily pie in the face.

“Doug’s story was so simple and hilarious. The basic premise just cracked me up,” said Verhoef. “We spitballed ideas and wrote it together. I always like rooting for the hero that can’t catch a break. It’s the hope that it’s always going to get better that makes me giggle.”

To see whether the hero of this film does get a break, you’ll have to decipher the most famous constant in math and physics, the number you get when you divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter. Or you could just watch “Pie.”

Cox is currently shooting his second campaign for Chime with BarrettSF.  The Cabinet recently helped Funworks kick off the tax season with Credit Karma, introduced "Kona Mode" with Kona Brewery out of Duncan Channon and cleaned up with Clorox and FCB West.

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