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Thursday, Apr. 21, 2016
LightHouse Films’ Director Ray Zablocki ‘Shoots’ Online Ad For Retro Videogame Super Russian Roulette
Award-Winning Filmmaker Captures Offbeat Humor In :60 Spot That Helped Drive A Hugely Successful Kickstarter And Product Launch Campaign
ScreenWork Credits: 


Client: Batlab Electronics

Project: “Super Russian Roulette” (:60)

Production Company: LightHouse Films, New York  

Director: Ray Zablocki, Executive Producer: Thibaut Estellon, Director of Photography: Norm Magnuson



East Coast:

LightHouse Films
Thibaut Estellion
t. 646.649.3600
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Perry Represents
Perry Tongate
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Right Word Media
Ray Ecke
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c. 201.741.1092
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