The talented team at music, sound design and mix studio SHINDIG are responsible for the soundtrack to the newly revitalized and instantly-gone-viral got milk? campaign.  The latest spot, “Ready Player Yum,” was released online today.

Executed by Weber Shandwick, the new series of got milk? ads are rooted in social media and influencer content. The TV, digital and social pieces feature unprompted user-generated content from across the web, showing various cool and unexpected ways that America enjoys milk. The ads are designed to bring to life how milk has the unique combination of taste that kids love and the right fuel growing kids need. 

SHINDIG and Weber Shandwick created the catchy hip hop track for the spots, which was also used in the #GotMilkChallenge asking TikTokkers to “show us what you got,” helping to inspire thousands of Gen Z-ers to partake in the challenge. Since Olympian Katie Ledecky kicked things off and swam a lap with a glass of chocolate milk on her head, the hashtag has garnered over 4 billion views on TikTok alone. As is unique to the TikTok platform, the original song has been shared and resampled thousands of times.

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A true collaboration, SHINDIG worked closely with Weber Shandwick in creating the music and lyrics for the :30 broadcast spot. They were then tasked with customizing several additional :15 iterations of the now viral song, giving each spot its own unique instrumental and lyrical spin, tailoring the track for themes ranging from “Sports” to “Gaming.” 

The team called upon rapper and influencer Chief Wakil, a mainstay at SHINDIG, to provide the vocals as well as help co-produce the original music alongside SHINDIG’s Creative Director Scott Glenn and Staff Composer Austin Shupe.  

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Founder Scott Glenn personally oversaw the creation of each musical element. An experienced industry professional, he and the SHINDIG team have crafted music for brands like Snapchat, Adidas, RAM and Levi’s, to name just a few.   

There were several aspects of working on this social-meets-broadcast campaign, including playing a part in the rebirth of an iconic ad campaign and tagline known to all. With music playing a crucial role in establishing the tone of the new ‘got milk?’ brand voice, SHINDIG had to land on the right talent and genre of music that would appeal to the TikTok generation. For the video got milk? created with Katie Ledecky, SHINDIG helped to nail down the verse, which thousands of TikTokkers then used with their own TikTok challenge videos.

The SHINDIG team, in collaboration with Weber Shandwick, demonstrated the nimbleness which was required to create a :30 broadcast spot, crafting a track customizable enough to lend itself well to a TikTok challenge, where music is so vital to its virility and success. Based on agency creative updates and UG (user-generated) clip clearances, SHINDIG wrote authentic hip hop music and lyrics that were adaptable to quick changes - on a daily basis. 

Read the official MilkPEP press release about the campaign here.

About SHINDIG Music + Sound
SHINDIG is a music, sound design and mix studio located on the famed Jungle Beach in Playa Del Rey. They are a supportive, creative oasis that brings renewed excitement to every media project, reminding clients why they loved their concept in the first place. SHINDIG’s original compositions, music searches, custom sound design and final audio mixes reflect a work experience that is positive, inspired and relaxed. 

Since opening their doors in 2017, SHINDIG have worked with a myriad of brands to create bespoke music, from Dr. Pepper to Universal Parks and ResortsLexus to Southwest Airlines and many many more. 

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