With Final Emmy® Voting Taking Place On August 31, SHOOT congratulates this season's nominees.  SHOOT has interviewed and profiled many of the Directors, Showrunners, Exec Producers, Cinematographers, Editors, Writers, Production Designers, VFX & Music/Sound Artisans involved in Emmy-nominated programs during its 16-Part "Road To Emmy" Series and other coverage since May.  SHOOT Publisher, Roberta Griefer, remarked how during the course of our editorial staff talking to so many executives and artisans, "we have been inspired by their talent and passion for their craft and, during this crazy time caused by the pandemic, by their dedication to telling authentic stories, working to put safety precautions into effect when they return to production and striving to make the industry more diverse."  SHOOT kicked off this year's Emmy Season coverage with a special Emmy Preview Feature on May 8th that included artisans generating Emmy buzz involved in "Homeland (Showtime), "Little Fires Eveywhere (Hulu), "Mindhunter" (Netflix), "Succession" (HBO), and "Tales from the Loop" (Amazon Prime).   SHOOT's August 26th Road To Emmy, Part 16 closed out our Road to Emmy Series with coverage of Emmy nominees involved in "Big Little Lies (HBO), "Dead To Me (Netflix), "Homecoming" (Amazon Prime), "Life Below Zero (NatGeo) and The Morning Show (Apple TV+).
Click Here to see all of the SHOOT Road to Emmy series features.

SHOOT's final Emmy season news reporting will end with coverage of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards (to stream on Emmys.com on Monday, Sept. 14-Thursday, Sept. 17 with a fifth, live broadcast ceremony on FXX on Saturday, Sept. 19) and Primetime Emmy Awards (that will be broadcast on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 20).  SHOOT will close out the season with a final "Emmy Season Wrap-up" special feature to be published on SHOOTonline.com on 10/9 with links to it in the 10/9 SHOOT>e.dition and SHOOT Dailies email newsletters and in the October/November Print & PDF Issues that will be out 10/16. This special feature will recap the Emmy Season and winners, including themes and trends reflected in this year’s honored work. We'll look at what the winners tell us about our industry, society in general, as well as the impact and influence of diverse storytelling. During this unprecedented time, we'll look at what precedents and achievements took center stage at the virtual Emmys.  And, we will get some reflections on the Emmy proceedings from Television Academy Chairman and CEO Frank Scherma.

SHOOT Thanks SHOOT's Phase 1 and 2 FYC Advertisers
SHOOT thanks Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, HBO, Hulu, NatGeo and Netflix for utilizing SHOOT's Digital & Print Platforms to get their FYC Messages out to our audience of above-the-line and below-the-line decision-makers. 

When Your Attention Turns To Placing "Congratulations To Emmy Winners" Advertising After September 20, consider SHOOT's High-profile Digital & Print Advertising Options...
Now in its 60th anniversary year, SHOOT has been connecting artists--ranging from directors to DPs, producers, editors, production designers, composers, sound designers, VFX supervisors and more--with each other as well as industry decision-makers, generating awareness of noteworthy work throughout the entertainment/advertising community, including among the ranks of Emmy voters. Networks can break through to the industry by tapping into our community, SHOOT’s influential readership which looks to us for news and insights spanning business and creative trends, artistic achievements and work deserving of awards consideration. We cover all the latest creative, production & post news and have been working hard to bring the industry all the latest news and information relating to the pandemic and how it relates to the industry.  Having provided the ideal Phase 1 environments in which to promote prior to & during nomination voting and during Phase 2 prior to & during final round voting, the next great FYC Marketing opportunity will be "Congratulations" Advertising after the September Creative Arts & Primetime Emmy Awards are announced.  SHOOT Magazine Print (with bonus PDF version & digital distribution) and SHOOTonline/The SHOOT Dailies/The SHOOT>e.dition digital platforms are ideal for bringing attention to your programs and Emmy winners.   Our audience of production & post industry executives and artisans including Telvision Academy members (SHOOT is extremely strong in the vast majority of peer groups) have been reading SHOOT’s Emmy-related coverage  with great interest throughout Emmy Season and will continue to do so through our Awards coverage and final Emmy Season Wrapup feature.  ​

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Put your Congratulations message into decision-makers' hands of SHOOT Magazine's highly targeted circulation of production &ost industry executives & artisans.  This issue will include a special feature that will recap the Emmy Season and winners, including themes and trends reflected in this year’s honored work. We'll look at what the winners tell us about our industry, society in general, as well as the impact and influence of diverse storytelling. During this unprecedented time, we'll look at what precedents and achievements took center stage at the virtual Emmys.  And, we will get some reflections on the Emmy proceedings from Television Academy Chairman and CEO Frank Scherma. PDF version of your Ad/s will have live link to your FYC Site!
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See SHOOT's Phase 1 June/July Issue
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This issue has been published; it has Part 5 of the Road to Emmy Series; an important issue timed to keep programs top-of-mind before and during nominations voting 7/2-7/13.
PDF version of Issue was posted on SHOOTonline on 6/12 & emailed to 22,000 opt-in subscribers on 6/15. Print issue was in readers' hands 6/15-6/19.
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See SHOOT's Phase 2 August/September Issue
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This Issue has been publishe; it has Part 13 of the Road to Emmy Series; an important issue timed after nominations are announced to keep programs top-of-mind right before & during final voting 8/17-31)
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2020 Emmy Season SHOOT>e.dition Schedule:
Phase 2July 31   August 7,14,21,28
See web versions of a small sampling of past SHOOT>e.ditions...
July 3, 2020 with banner for "Barkskins"
November 22, 2019 with banner for "Handmaid's Tale"
December 6, 2019 with banners for "Fleabag"
December 20, 2019 with banner for "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

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November 26, 2019 with banners for "Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness"
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Netflix 7/7 "The Crown"                                 Amazon 7/8 "Hunters"                                   
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