SHOOT® is pleased to announce the content lineup for the SHOOT Magazine October/November print issue scheduled to be in readers' hands the week of October 29 with PDF version going live on on October 26.  All content from print issues appears in PDF version and digital version with links to all articles, profiles, charts and interviews going out in the SHOOT>e.dition and SHOOT Dailies email newsletters.  Special Marketing Opportunities for this issue include discount rates and digital bonuses outlined below.  The Issue provides an ideal opportunity to to promote company news, new work, talent roster, production/post/editorial/VFX & Animation and Music & Sound Services, FYC messages, Locations, Cameras & Workflow Solutions.  SHOOT provides a highly-conducive environment for advertising, one filled with valuable information, thought-provoking commentary, the highest level of talent & work and the excitement of new talent.  It's one that industry decision-makers at Ad Agencies, Brands, Cable/TV Networks, OTT Services, Movie Studios & other production/post-related companies consistently turn to to learn about companies they may want to connect with. 

Here's a look at the Issue's Distribution, Content Line-up and Marketing Options / Bonuses...

Print Issue Distribution
In addition to SHOOT's regular Print Issue circulation, the October/November Issue will have Bonus Distribution at:

  • American Film Market (AFM) Location Expo, Santa Monica
  • Producers Guild (PGA) Produced By NY, NYC
  • Hollywood Professional Alliance (HPA) Awards, Los Angeles

Bonus: The PDF version of Print Ads will run with live link to advertiser's website in the PDF version of the Issue that will be posted on on 10/26 for additional readers to view/download.  SHOOT will drive traffic to the PDF version with banner Ads in the SHOOT>e.dition email newsletter for six weeks after the issue is published & email the PDF Issue to the 28,000 opt-in SHOOT>e.dition subscribers on 10/30 to bring even more attention to the print issue advertisers.  See info on additional bonuses below.

Content Line-up...

Leading Directors Profile Section
Leading film, TV & commercial directors share perspectives on recent work, collaborative relationships and much more! Among those profiled will be:

  • Lance Acord of Park Pictures sheds light on his commercialmaking, including Nike's recently released Colin Kaepernick anthem, and his upcoming first foray into feature film directing.
  • Paul Greengrass, an Best Directing Oscar nominee for United 93 and recipient of a DGA Award nod for Captain Phillips, discusses 22 July (Netflix), his feature that’s already in the Academy Awards conversation.
  • John Hillcoat shares insights into "Corazon", the film for Montefiore hospital out of agency JohnXHannes which earned Cannes Health & Wellness Grand Prix distinction as well as a Cannes Entertainment Gold Lion. Hillcoat directs commercials and branded content via production house Serial Pictures.
  • Tamara Jenkins discusses her feature film, Private Life (Netflix), starring Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn.
  • Sam Taylor-Johnson reflects on A Million Little Pieces (Warner Bros), which brought her to this year's Toronto International Film Festival. She continues to be handled for spots and branded content by Hey Wonderful.
  • Yorgos Lanthimos, a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nominee for his English-language directorial debut The Lobster, discusses his latest feature The Favourite (Fox Searchlight), his collaborators on that film, and the allure of spots and branded content (for which he recently joined Superprime Films in the U.S.)
  • Jake Scott reflects on American Woman (Sony Pictures), his feature which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. Scott also delves into how his commercialmaking at RSA informs his feature endeavors.
  • Malik Vitthal of The Corner Shop discusses his Emmy-winning Procter & Gamble spot "The Talk"

Leading Cinematographers
Leading DPs take us behind-the-scenes on recent shoots and discuss the directors they worked with, their camera choices and more. Among those we will hear from are...

  • Jeff Cronenweth, ASC who lensed director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s A Million Little Pieces (Warner Bros), which made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Cronenweth is a two-time Oscar nominee for his cinematography of the David Fincher films The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network.
  • Xavier Grobet, ASC, AMC, reflects on lensing on of Facebook's first original content projects, "Sorry For Your Loss".
  • Chayse Irvin, CSC, discusses his lensing of BlacKkKlansman (Focus Features) and collaborating with director Spike Lee.
  • Giles Nuttgens, BSC, lensed two films which recently debuted at the Toronto Fest--director Wash Westmoreland's Colette (30West) and Michael Winterbottom's The Wedding Guest (Sony Pictures).

Up-And-Coming Directors
The longstanding SHOOT tradition of searching out new talent continues with this feature interviewing a select group of emerging directors.  We keep the names of these directors under wraps until the issue is published - always worth the wait!
We can however tell you a bit about them..
>A feature filmmaker who recently wrapped her first commercial, an empowering piece for Nike.
>A director who's meshing art and science to great effect, reflected in her work garnering a recent Grand Prix in VR at the Venice Film Festival.
>An emerging talent who first established himself as a VFX supervisor before showcasing his directorial wherewithal with a whimsical music and dance short that's scored on the festival circuit.
>And a still photographer who diversified into directing music videos and recently turned out her first spot, which poignantly tells the plight of a woman coping with mental illness.

The Road to Oscar Series - the Prequel
Meet some of the directors, DPs, editors, production designers, composers and other artisans already generating buzz for the 2018/2019 Academy Season.  The Prequel sets the stage for this year's 15-part SHOOT Road to Oscar Series kicking off on 11/9. Among those offering insights will be...

  • Editor Barry Alexander Brown, who enjoys a longstanding working relationship with filmmaker Spike Lee, discusses their latest collaboration, BlacKkKlansman (Focus Features).
  • Costume designer Ruth Carter, a two-time Academy Award nominee (Amistad, Malcolm X), reflects on Black Panther (Walt Disney Studios), which once again has her in the Oscar conversation.
  • Costume designer Sandy Powell, a three-time Oscar winner (The Aviator, Shakespeare In Love, The Young Victoria) discusses The Favourite (Fox Searchlight), which marks her first collaboration with director Yorgos Lanthimos.
  • Cinematographer Linus Sandgren, FSF, an Academy Award winner for La La Land, is once again in the Oscar coversation for another Damien Chazelle-directed feature, First Man (Universal Pictures).

SHOOT Quarterly Top Ten VFX & Animation Chart
Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the Number 1 entry and latest news & developments from the worlds of Visual Effects & Animation.

SHOOT Quarterly Top Music Tracks Char
And a look at the backstory behind the #1 entry plus the latest Music & Sound Industry news.

Chat Room Interview
Sharon Horgan, an Emmy nominee for her comedy writing on Catastrophe, the Amazon series she co-created, shares insights into her feature, TV, spot and branded content exploits via companies Merman and Mermade.

Hot Locations Column
Film commission, lensing and incentive developments impacting feature, TV, commercial, music video, short film and interactive production.

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