SHOOT is pleased to announce the content lineup for it's first semi-annual Directors and Cinematographers Issue.  This March/April Issue will be in readers' hands the week of March 25. and the PDF version will be posted on SHOOTonline on March 23.  The production and postproduction industry has been enjoying these special issues dating back to the publication's launch in 1960. Today the same content from print issues appears in PDF version and digital version with links to all the articles and profiles going out in the SHOOT>e.dition and SHOOT Dailies email newsletters.  Special Marketing Opportunities for this issue include discount rates and digital bonuses.
Here's a look at the Issue's Distribution, Content Line-up and Marketing Options...

Print Issue Distribution
In addition to SHOOT's regular Print Issue circulation, the March/April Issue will have Bonus Distribution at:

  • NAB Show in Las Vegas
  • Location Managers Guild Intl (LMGI) Awards.

Bonus PDF Version Distribution

  • The PDF version of your Print Ads will run with live link to each advertiser's website in the PDF version of the Issue that will be posted on on 3/23 for additional readers to view/download. We will drive traffic to the PDF version with banner Ads in the SHOOT>e.dition email newsletter for six weeks after the issue is published & we'll email the PDF Issue to the 28,000 opt-in SHOOT>e.dition subscribers on 3/27 to bring lots of added attention to the print issue advertisers.

Editorial Line-up...

Profiles: Leading Directors
SHOOT profiles directors spanning short and long-form fare, including features, documentaries, TV and commercials.  We'll hear from...

  • DeMane Davis who recently assumed the role of producing director on the Ava DuVernay primetime OWN series Queen Sugar, and continues her spot/branded content relationship with production house Sweet Rickey.
  • Martin de Thurah, who won the DGA Award last month as Best Commercial Director of the Year. This marks his 2nd career DGA win, both with Epoch Films.
  • Dom&Nic, the directing duo with Station Film, reflect on their multiple Cannes Lion-winning music video for The Chemical Brothers, and lauded tug-at-the-heartstrings teddy bear spots for Heathrow Airport.
  • Bryan Fogel who directed Icarus, which recently won the Best Documentary Feature Oscar. Fogel is exploring short-form opportunities in the ad/branded entertainment areana via Supply&Demand.
  • Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me by Your Name, nominated for this year's Best Picture Oscar. Guadagnino is also handled by Little Minx for spots and branded content.  
  • Alison Klayman, who directs spots and branded content via Washington Square Films, discusses her latest documentary, Take Your Pills, which is debuting at the SXSW Festival.
  • Rebecca Miller will discuss her documentary on her father titled "Arthur Miller: Writer" for HBO.
  • Rudy Valdez who made his directorial debut with The Sentence, which just won the U.S. Documentary Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Valdez is embarking on a commercialmaking career at Park Pictures.

Leading Producers
We'll gain insights into the creative challenges facing producers today from such notables as:

  • Peter Spears, a first-time producer who became a Best Picture Oscar nominee for Call Me by Your Name.
  • Alison Benson, producer of HBO's Divorce.
  • Kenneth Biller, executive producer of Genius, covering season 1 on Albert Einstein, and the much anticipating season 2 on Pablo Picasso.
  • Mike Medavoy, executive producer of the National Geographic limited series The Long Road Home, reflects on the project which is based on Martha Radatz's New York Times best-selling book.
  • Jane Root, who's teaming with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky to produce One Strange Rock, a docuseries for National Geographic.

Up-And-Coming Directors
SHOOT identifies emerging talent that figures to make a positive impact on the storytelling landscape for years to come.  While we always keep the names of the Up-And-Coming Directors under wraps until the issue is published, here's a peek at a few of the directors we've selected for coverage...

  • A director who's established herself in Europe takes on her first U.S. representation, though she's already made her mark in the American ad market with a poetic sports apparel campaign.
  • With a breakthrough at the recent Sundance Film Festival, a documentarian now gains his first production company roost for commercials and branded content.
  • A filmmaker who got his start as an editor made his way to the director's chair based on his affinity for dance, fashion and design.
  • A prolific London-based music video director emerges in the U.S. market with commercials and branded content--as well as an affiliation with a high-profile production house.

Cinematographers & Cameras
DPs share insights into their work, their collaborators and their cameras...

  • Adriano Goldman reflects on his recent ASC Award win for The Crown.
  • Alan Jacobsen discusses lensing Yance Ford's Strong Island, a Best Documentary Feature Oscar nominee.
  • Erik Messerschmidt talks about how David Fincher launched his DP career with the Netflix series Mindhunter, which in turn opened up new opportunities in commercials and branded content

1st Quarter "Top Ten Visual Effects & Animation" Chart
The first of this year's quarterly VFX & Animation Charts shines a light on some of the top visual effects & animation from the previous 3 months with a behind-the-scenes look at the Chart topping #1 piece of work. Plus VFX & Animation column: recent news and developments.

1st Quarter "Top Ten Music Tracks" Chart
The first installment of 2018's quarterly Music & Sound Top Ten Tracks Chart, looking at the best work of the previous 3 months, accompanied by the backstory on the number one entry. Plus Music Notes column: the latest news and developments in the music production, sound design and audio post arena.

Chat Room Interview:
Pam Fujimoto, executive creative director of WONGDOODY, and co-founder of its consultancy June Cleaver Is Dead.

Hot Locations:
The latest in lensing news & developments spanning projects, incentives and film commissions.

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Bonus #2:

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