SHOOT® kicked off its 2016/2017 7th Annual 15-week "Road to Oscar" Series with a special Prequel feature, directors profiles and Cinematographers feature on October 28th with Part 1 following on November 10th. This special series places a spotlight on the producers, directors, documentarians, cinematographers, editors, production designers, visual effects supervisors, composers and other artisans generating buzz to be in the running for Academy Awards.  SHOOT's pre-Academy Season coverage set the stage for the series with coverage of the festival circuit (Venice, Toronto, Telluride, et al). SHOOT will report on all of the industry and Guild Awards competitions leading up to--and the implications they carry for--the Oscars®(including the ACE, ADG, Annie, ASC, CAS, CDG, Critics Choice, DGA, PGA, SAG, VES and WGA Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globes®, Independent Spirit Awards.) We’ll talk to assorted artists and production execs, gaining insights into the challenges they faced on their films. Preview articles will include assessments of Oscar prospects for nominees, as well as a look at trends in this year’s competition. For all Academy Season Awards Shows deadlines, updates, & contact information Click Here for SHOOT's Awards Shows Timelines

What films and artisans will be in the running this year?  Studios with films already generating Oscar buzz include 20th Century Fox,  A24,  Amazon / Roadside Attractions, CBS Films, EuropaCorp USA, Focus Features, Fox Searchlight,  Lionsgate, Open Road Films, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Summit Entertainment, The Weinstein Company, Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Bros.  SHOOT will be watching and reporting on many of their films as the season progresses.  Artisans involved in Arrival, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, Lion, Loving, Manchester by the Sea and others have been included in installments already published.  Artisans and executives involved in the following films are being considered for future "Road to Oscar" installments: Allied, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Jackie, La La Land, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Home, Live By Night and Moonlight and many other films including animated films and documentaries. 

The Road to Oscar series will run weekly - for 15 weeks - through the Academy Awards on February 26, 2017 appearing on all SHOOT digital and print platforms, including SHOOTonline (website with 40,000 unique visitors,) The SHOOT Dailies (daily email newsletter) and The SHOOT>e.dition (weekly email newspub every Friday).  The Prequel, Parts 6 and 14 of the series will also appear in SHOOT Magazine Print Issue and PDF versions. Nominations coverage will br published on January 24th and the Scientific & Technical Awards will be covered on February 11th.  Final coverage will appear on SHOOTonline immediately following the Academy Awards covering the winners that are televised that evening. 

Here's a look at the "Road to Oscar" Prequel feature that was published on 10/28 in SHOOT Magazine & PDF version, SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies & The SHOOT>e.dition 
Click Here for Digital version
Click Here for PDF reprint of Print Issue version

  • Julie Monroe, editor, Loving (Focus Features/Universal)
  • Jack Roberts, editor, Hell or High Water (CBS Films)
  • Steven Rosenblum, editor, The Birth of a Nation (Fox Searchlight)
  • Joe Walker, editor, Arrival (Paramount Pictures)

Profiled in Leading Directors section:

Covered in Cinematographers Feature:

  • Giles Nuttgens, cinematographer, Hell or High Water (CBS Films)
  • Adam Stone, cinematographer, Loving (Focus Features/Universal)

The 2016/2017 Road to Oscar Series Schedule:

  • Part 1: Nov. 11 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition 
     Jen Lame, editor, Manchester by the Sea (Amazon/Roadside Attractions)
    Chad Keith, production designer, Loving (Focus Features/Universal)     
  • Part 2: Nov. 18 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
    Elliot Davis, cinematographer, "The Birth of a Nation" (Fox Searchlight)   
  • Part 3: Nov. 25 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 4: Dec. 2  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 5: Dec. 9  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 6: Dec. 16 SHOOT Magazine & PDF version, SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 7: Dec. 23 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 8: Dec. 30 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 9: Jan. 6  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 10:Jan. 13 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 11:Jan. 20 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  •             Jan. 24 Nominations coverage: SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies and 1/27 SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 12:Jan. 27 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 13:Feb. 3  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies. The SHOOT>e.dition 
  • Part 14:Feb. 10 SHOOT Magazine & PDF version, SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  •             Feb. 11 Scientific & Technical Awards coverage:SHOOTonline,SHOOT Dailies & The 2/17  SHOOT>e.dition
  • Part 15 Feb. 17 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
  •             Feb. 26 Awards Coverage:SHOOTonline on 2/26, SHOOT Dailies  2/27, SHOOT>e.dition on 3/3

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