The Editors & Publishers of SHOOT Magazine and, the leading publication and website for motion picture production & postproduction, are pleased to name Tennille Teague the winner our SHOOT Behind The Scenes Photo Contest - 2017 Summer Edition. Tennille, Head of Content Production at Pereira & O'Dell, New York, caught Sam Spiegel directing actor Fernando Becerril in this debut short film, The Instrument, for National Geographic's "10 Days of Genius Film Festival." National Geographic partnered with creative agency Pereira & O’Dell New York to develop the concept, content, and strategy behind this unique initiative, kicking off with two short films The Instrument and The Mirror, both directed by Spiegel.  Tennille's winning photo will be published on the cover of SHOOT Magazine's December 2017 Year End Issue and will be featured inside the issue, on's Homepage, the SHOOT BTS Photo Contest Homepage, and she wins a check for $500 USD. The SHOOT 2017 BTS Photo Contest - Summer Edition - entry period runs each year during Emmy season. This year it commenced on June 5th and ended on September 9th, 2017 at Midnight Eastern Time (ET) (the Summer Contest Entry Period). 

David Lynn, Gaffer and Partner at The Electric Light & Power captured the runner-up spot with a scene being shot for a Main Event Entertainment TV spot . Pictured is 3008 Director Jefferson Stein. Notice the drone in the lower right then check out the finished spot to see how the drone was used in final work. The image was taken on set in Fort Worth, Texas. David's photo will be featured inside the next issue of SHOOT Magazine, December 2017, featured on's Homepage, The SHOOT BTS Photo Contest Homepage, and he wins $250 USD. 

Click to view "The Instrument" | Source: National Geograpic Channel

Click to view "Free Games Giveaway" | Source: Main Event Entertainment YouTube Channel

Honorable mentions | all photos shown in gallery above |  Honorable mention photos will be published inside the next issue of SHOOT Magazine,  featured on's Homepage, The SHOOT BTS Photo Contest Homepage, and receive a $25 Starbucks gift card.

  • On set selfie photo by Eduardo Ramirez-Gonzalez where he used his iPhone 6 to take a selfie of the set of Cranial Sacral a feature film that he shot in June of 2017. The idea was to get a photo of the main camera the Alexa Mini and a Selfie on the mirror  with himself, his gaffer Jose Jaime Rodriguez and his Key Grip Juan Felipe Gonzalez. This is not the first creative selfie Eduardo has entered in SHOOT's BTS Photo Contest; he landed runner-up spot in the Contest's Winter 2016-17 edition  with an underwater selfie, "The Underwater Set Today" while working on a underwater commercial shoot in the USC pool in Los Angeles last year. Pictured is the DP, a Red Dragon Camera, and the Hydro flex underwater system. He took the selfie with his GoPro 3+ Black Edition in time lapse mode. The shoot was a proof of concept, for showcasing a new product, for all type of athletes. See Eduardo's Runner-up photo here

  • On location Walmart receipt "Lost & Found" scene photo by Michael Ralla  Walmart gave Director Marc Forster a receipt with six items on it and said; "Tell a story using them anyway you want." Marc took the opportunity to take us to a whole new world with its own kind of beauty. Cinematographer was Matthias Koenigswieser.

Marc Forster Helms "Lost & Found" For Walmart on the Oscars | Source:

  • Shade at the beach photo by Angela Guice caught NUCONTEXT Head of Production, Jessie Marcus, throwing some shade in this photo and showing the crew she's so good she can produce with her eyes closed. Filming a commercial on a private island in the Bahamas might seem like the ultimate dream gig, but the reality of dealing with the blazing sun, hot sand and hauling gear in the heat are more of a production nightmare. Jessie shows us when working in extreme heat conditions you have to keep your cool, stay hydrated, maintain your sense of humor and of course, seek shade wherever you can find it. If you can't find shade, you make it.
  • Humor on set of ADDY's spot by Amy McMullen​ was shot on location at "Fave Creative," in Downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Amy's BTS entry was taken using a Canon EOS 5DS with a Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM Wide-Angle Lens. Actor Mark Strand was captured laughing in between takes. "Mark had such a vibrant smile that it seemed to light up the room," says Amy. Makeup artist Jennifer Gibson can be seen in the background helping Adriane Van Kirk prepare for her scene, her character was a beautiful, whimsical rabbit. Adriane is also the owner and brand developer at Fave Creative. Credit for production goes to the talented team of IByte Films, Director Alex Gibson and director of photography RJ Ortiz. The production was for AAF North Alabama ADDY awards official 2017 ADDY opening ceremony video presentation.

Click to view "2017 ADDY Opening Ceremony video" | Source: iByte Films | YouTube Channel

  • Filmmaking Vietnam style by Louis Hoai Loc taken using Canon 5D Mark 3 with 24-70L Canon lens caught ""Crew on set. Vietnam style." Director Takeshi Maruyama and ClubhouseFilms Crew on TVC, Pokemon 2017 video shoot on location at the River bank, D9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Louis also took a runner-up spot in our Winter 2017/2018 edition with  "Our D.O.P. Hybrid" DOP Vicent, catching the action for a Heineken Tet 2017 TV Commercial shoot on location at the Pham Hung supermarket. See the photo here

Click to view "New Pokémon Games" | Source: Facebook Pokémon page

The SHOOT Behind The Scenes Photo Contest is held bi-annually during Emmy season (summer) and during Academy season (winter). The Contest is FREE to enter and is open to all amateur and professional photographers worldwide. The Winter 2017/2018 contest opens for entries December 1st, 2017 Midnight ET. There is no limit to the number of photo submissions per entrant. Learn more and enter contest here

About Tennille Teague
Tennille is currently Head of Content Production at Pereira & O'Dell New York, helping the agency create innovative branded content while maintaining the highest level of craft and creative excellence. She was the executive producer on the feature documentary film, Lo & Behold, directed by Werner Herzog. The film, which explored the fragility of the internet, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was eventually sold to Magnolia Pictures. It won dozens of industry awards, including 6 Cannes Lions (3 gold).  A 15-year advertising industry veteran, Tennille has produced work for global brands such as Bud Light, Sprite, Virgin Atlantic,, National Geographic, Timberland, Range Rover, LG, MTV, Campbell's, Fox Sports and the NFL and many others. She's also brought multiple productions to life grounded in social causes, including MTV AIDS Awareness, VH1 EXIT/Human Trafficking, Youth Reckless Driving and PETA.  Outside of Pereira & O'Dell, Teague is in the process of developing a premium line of dog carrying bags called Jaxx Hound.

About David Lynn
David, a 23-year veteran of the industry. is one of the leading Gaffers in Dallas and Partner in Electric Light & Power Co. which specializes in helping motion picture productions succeed in the world of creative digital cinema capture. He has expertise in lighting and electrical skills while maintaining an artistic eye and commitment to aesthetic quality. 

About Angela Guice
Angela is the Founder, Executive Producer and frequent BTS photographer for the production adventures of NUCONTEXT, a full service production agency that loves making short and long form video content.

About Eduardo Ramirez
Passionate about photography, Eduardo got involved in the film industry working as a technician, then as Key Grip, Gaffer and 1stAC until he became a Cinematographer 13 years ago. He has a masters degree in Feature Film Cinematography from Prague Film School (Czech Republic). He's done 8 feature films and works in commercials and music videos on a daily basis. Living in Los Angeles, born and raised in Colombia, South America, he is a member of the Colombian society of cinematographers (ADFC) and had the honor to work with DP's like Claudio Miranda ASC, Alex Barber and Lula Carvalho (as their second unit). He has also worked with first class directors such as Guillermo Navarro ASC, Michael Abt and Marcelo Szechtman. He also specializes in aerial and underwater cinematography.

About Amy McMullen
Amy is a highly dedicated professional in her career as a photographer. She's traveled to different states across the U.S. to capture Behind-the-Scene (BTS) stills for television, film productions and various business owners. Amy combines unit stills work with a variety of other professional photography (portraiture, travel, beauty, editorial, and special events). Amy is a photojournalist for Kiernan Group Holdings (KGH) collecting, editing, and presenting still images for publications on behalf of the KGH team. She also works as a portrait photographer for Greg Machen Photography, Madison, AL, where she dedicates her time and attention to portraits for children Pre-Kindergarten through their senior year in high school. Ms. McMullen is also the founder and photographer of her beloved charity, Courageous Photography, where she travels the U.S. visiting children who fight life threatening illness. She celebrates the life of each child with free photo shoots given to the families while documenting the children's moments with their family. For Amy, "Photography was my way of reconnecting to life" after she became a military widow 13 years ago. In addition to her passion for photography, Amy is a single mother, living in Alabama with her daughters always encouraging each of them to "move forward with their dreams, be resilient and never give up."

About Michael Ralla
Michael is a Compositing Supervisor at Framestore’s Los Angeles office, having worked within advertising and feature film VFX for almost a decade. After graduating from the Audiovisual Media program at HdM Stuttgart, Michael landed his first professional role at Scanline VFX in Munich. Michael’s career has seen him traverse the globe, gaining experience from studios including Animal Logic in Sydney, MPC in Vancouver, Digital Domain in Los Angeles and Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco. His feature film credits include Academy Award® winners and nominees Avatar, Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, Transformers: The Dark of the Moon, and Iron Man 3. During his tenure at Framestore, Michael has overseen major advertising projects including the recent 360° Eyes On Gigi campaign for BMW, Destiny 2's trailer New Legends Will Rise, Walmart's 'The Receipt' and the hypnotic Rihanna ‘ANTIdiaRy’ film series for Samsung. 

About Louis Hoai Loc
Louis is a Production Assistant (PA) at Clubhouse Films and an avid photographer, interested in Television and Stage. In addition to a great eye, he's skilled in Photoshop and Lightroom.

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