As we start the second quarter in what has been and continues to be a tumultuous and uncertain time, SHOOT renews its mission to provide commercial and entertainment industry creative, production and post decision-makers with the latest industry news, valuable information on established and up-and-coming talent, the best new work and the people, companies and technology behind the work.  We'll remain vigilant to stay on top of the latest industry trends and issues transforming the business and how they apply to our audience in their daily business.  We'll also continue to cover industry events, film festivals and award shows, bringing what we learn from them to the attention of our full audience.  Of course there's also the added need for timely and accurate reporting now on how industry events and companies are being affected by the Coronavirus and ongoing roller coaster financial turmoil.  We continue to invest in and grow SHOOT's high-impact digital platforms, The SHOOT Publicity Wire, MySHOOT and email newsletters The SHOOT>e.diton, Brand New[s], ScreenWork and The SHOOT Dailies.  

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  • The SHOOT New Directors Search Jan-June 30, 2020 
  • The SHOOT 18th Annual New Directors Showcase Event, Oct. 22, 2020, DGA , NYC
  • SHOOT Content Marketing

SHOOT Advertising Connects You to Industry Decision-makers!  Choose from great selection of Print/PDF & Digital Platforms To Get Your Message Out to Industry Decision-makers, Clients & Potential Clients
Our mandate for more than five decades has been to provide readers with a combination of news reporting, artistic & creative perspectives, and meaningful information affecting the bread and butter of their businesses to provide food for thought to assist them in making informed creative, production and business decisions. SHOOT connects commercial & entertainment buyers & sellers of creative, production, postproduction & business services to the latest industry news & trends, best new work and EACH OTHER!! SHOOT advertising -- branding, sales, talent, FYC, congratulations and acknowledgement messages --- reaches executives and artisans at Ad Agencies, Brands, Production, Post, Music & Sound, VFX & Animation companies, TV/Cable/Online/Mobile Networks, movie studios and independent filmmakers. Titles SHOOT reaches include Chief Creative Officers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Chief Production Officers, Producers, Broadcast Business Managers, Brand managers, Owners, Managing Directors, Exec Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Colorists, Visual Effects Supervisors/artists, Designers, Composers/Sound Designers/Mixers.  Advertising in SHOOT's digital & print formats will provide a high impact direct link to prospective clients/industry influencers to tell them why they should want to connect with your company, projects, artisans, services or products. The environment is ideal for making announcements, introducing new talent, saying thank you, awards-related advertising, offering congratulations, listing company roster or showcasing recent work.   If you want to reach commercial and entertainment production & post industry decision-makers and potential clients, consider a tailor-made for you SHOOT Marketing plan.  Contact SHOOT Publisher, Roberta Griefer, via email or at 203/227-1699, ext 701 for ad rates and tailor-made-for-your-company advertising proposal.
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SHOOT Magazine
SHOOT Magazine provides a highly-conducive environment in which to promote companies, talent rosters, awards & festival announcements/ FYC advertising, business/creative & production services and production equipment/software to SHOOT's audience of industry decision-makers.   Not only will you receive high-profile industry exposure to industry decision-makers and potential clients while they are engaged in reading the Print and PDF Issues.  Click Here for a fun look at what some of our Advertising Agency readers, including Chief Creative Officers and Chief Production Officers have to say about how long they've been reading SHOOT and why they read it - repeatedly we hear that a key reason it to learn about production & post artisans & companies.

SHOOT Magazine's May issue with be "PDF-only" Issue with increased digital distribution
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Here's a look at what's coming up in the May Issue...

Leading Directors
SHOOT profiles a cross-section of leading directors who share insights into recent work and collaborative relationships.  Our lineup includes:

  • Jamie Babbit, a three-time Emmy nominee (Best Director and two Outstanding Comedy Series nods) for Silicon Valley, discusses her wide-ranging exploits spanning TV (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Russian Doll, Nora From Queens starring Awkwafina), features (the upcoming The Stand-In with Drew Barrymore) and commercials (including this year's Super Bowl spot for Olay produced by Independent Media).
  • Nicole Kassell discusses Watchmen, the acclaimed HBO series for which she serves as a director and executive producer.  For the first episode of Watchmen, "It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice," Kassell won this year's DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Dramatic Series.
  • Joseph Kosinski whose recent endeavors span such wide-ranging fare as the much-anticipated Top Gun: Maverick and  tongue-in-cheek cinematic style ad work for Taco Bell, the latter done via his spotmaking home, RESET Content.
  • Anthony & Joe Russo--whose directorial achievements include the highest grossing film of all time, Avengers: Endgame--discuss their careers encompassing features, TV and short-form fare, the latter embodied in the exploits of their commercials/branded content studio, Bullitt.
  • David Shane of production house O Positive discusses his latest Super Bowl spot, a tour de force comedy/visual effects effort for Rocket Mortgage starring Jason Momoa, as well as more sobering yet humorous public service Xmas-themed fare for the National Alliance of Mental Illness.
  • Joe Talbot, a DGA Award nominee this year for Best First Feature on the strength of The Last Black Man in San Francisco--which also won him the best dramatic directing honor at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Talbot discusses his directorial debut feature as well as his short-form aspirations which entail joining m ss ng p eces for spots and branded content.
  • Additional names to be announced.

Up-And-Coming Directors
As SHOOT prepares for the 18th Annual SHOOT New Directors Showcase Event, it's a pleasure to continue our tradition of introducing new talent. This year's spring collection includes:

  • A director who scored a Grammy nomination this year for her music video work and recently landed at a prominent production house for branded content, commercials and music clips.
  • A female filmmaker who is making inroads into a province not typically open to women--sheet metal, particularly groundbreaking truck advertising.
  • A director whose work reflects an affinity for crafting stories chronicling global youth culture and marginalized communities--while recently diversifying with the first installment in a new series of Nike films, and a music video for the debut single of a performing artist best known as a producer for the likes of IDK, AlunaGeorge, Joey Bada$$ and Jay Rock.

A Sampling from SHOOT's April Coronavirus Impact & Contingencies Survey
SHOOT will be publishing the results of it's Coronavirus Impact & Contingencies Survey on on April 10th.  We'll publish select excerpts from that survey in this Issue.  Here's info on the Survey....“Going viral” has taken on a whole new deeper and foreboding meaning in the last month.  This special SHOOT survey is being conducted to shed light on how the industry is coping with the coronavirus pandemic. The survey is designed to exchange information and ideas to help us through this challenging period. Company owners and execs will share how their shops have been impacted and what they’re doing to adapt.  We hope that the responses generated by this survey will help others in the community see that they’re not alone, that collectively much can be done to positively address fear and adversity, and in the process inspire courses of action that aid in protecting people, their livelihoods and business in general.

The Road to Emmy Preview
SHOOT's Annual "Road to Emmy" 16-Part Weekly Series will kick off on May 15 and run weekly through the Creative Arts Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards.  This special preview feature takes a look at what to expect during the upcoming season, garnering insights from leading artisans, including:

  • Director/executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter who reflects on the final season of Homeland (Showtime).
  • Director/executive producer Mark Mylod, a DGA Award nominee this year for the "This Is Not For Tears" episode of Succession (HBO).
  • Cinematographer Quyen Tran discusses her impactful, groundbreaking work on the limited series Unbelievable (Netflix).
  • Editor Kirk Baxter reflects on his longstanding collaborative relationship with David Fincher, particularly their work on Mindhunter (Netflix).
  • Additional names to be announced.

Chat Room Interview 
Noted cinematographer Paul Cameron discusses his directorial debut, an upcoming episode of Westworld (HBO).

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Hot Locations Column: Film commission, lensing and incentive developments impacting feature, TV, commercial, music video, short film and interactive production.
SHOOT Columns:, POV, Chat Room, Short Takes, Toolbox,  On the Wire, Flash Back, Street Talk, Rep Report

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The SHOOT Publicity Wire
The SHOOT® Publicity Wire (SPW) Service provides motion picture PR, marketing professionals, companies, talent and entrepreneurs a powerful, sophisticated yet economical, tool to communicate your story directly to hard-to-reach, influential, motion-picture industry decision-makers in filmmaking, television, commercials, web multimedia industries.  SPW reaches brand clients, ad agencies, movie studios, producers, directors, production & post studios, media outlets, journalists, bloggers, researchers, social networkers, search engines, prosumers, fan sites, as well as all the other industry stakeholders and influential decision-makers that affect the commercialmaking, filmmaking, cinema, media and television, web and mobile video businesses worldwide. Using digital feeds and opt-in ePubs such as the SPW Media Alerts,  Brand New[s] and SHOOT Dailies,* site placement, archiving and indexing, RSS Feeds, social feeds to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and mobile SMS dynamic feed, links on the weekly SHOOT >e.dition* , the home page, and search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And, selected releases are published in SHOOT Magazine‘s regular “On The Wire” column.  
$20. to post a video release consisting of video, description and credits
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SPW is for leading and emerging companies, creatives, producers, executives, managers, artisans, and their publicists in ad agencies, movie studios, production houses, talent agencies, equipment and software vendors, awards shows, film festivals, independent creatives, and others to get their work and achievements seen and recognized. SPW is a timely, comprehensive, source of new product and services information for all facets of multimedia, video, and film production/distribution.

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The SHOOT 2020 18th Annual New Directors Search Is Underway! Deadline extended to June 30, 2020
SHOOT's 18th annual worldwide search to discover the best up-and-coming directors -- who, based on their initial work, show promise to soon make major positive contributions to advertising and/or entertainment in its traditional and emerging forms -- is underway with the entry deadline extended to June 30, 2020.   SHOOT's editors will select the 25-30 best pieces of “work” to be featured on SHOOT’s 2020 New Directors Showcase Reel that will be screened for an audience of 400+ advertising & entertainment production decision-makers at SHOOT’s 2020 18th Annual New Directors Showcase Event at the DGA (Directors Guild of America) Theater on Thursday, October 22, in New York City.   The Showcase Directors are invited to attend and all who do will be asked to stand up from the audience while their name is announced.  Five of the directors will be invited to appear on the panel discussion before or after the screening.  All the directors chosen for the reel will be profiled in SHOOT Print issue (profiles also appear in PDF version of the issue, in The SHOOT>e.dition and on SHOOTonline.) In addition to SHOOT's readers around the globe seeing the profiles, the issue will be given to guests at the NDS Event. After the event (Directors/Producers Forum, New Directors Showcase screening, Panel Discussion and After party) SHOOT will provide coverage and photos from the day and evening programs on SHOOTonline and in the SHOOT Dailies, Brand New[s], a Special issue of Screenwork and the SHOOT>e.dition, and the New Directors Showcase Reel will be posted on for the worldwide motion picture production community - advertising and entertainment - to view. The selected directors' chosen work receives an enormous amount of career-building exposure! Directors who have been directing any type of advertising or entertainment professionally LESS than 3 years (nothing prior to January 2017) are eligible to enter work that was completed during the eighteen month period of January 2019-June 2020.

SHOOT 2020 18th Annual New Directors Showcase Event to be held on October 22, 2020 at the DGA in NYC
Get "Face to Face" with the future of content creation and some of the innovative executives and artisans on the forefront.  Join us for a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with industry leaders to learn about the strategies and backstories behind recent film, TV and commercial projects. SHOOT, because its coverage and readership is inclusive of commercial, branded content & entertainment production, is able to utilize this unique vantage point to produce an event that brings various advertising & entertainment -&- various business & creative industry segments together to meet and learn about and from each other. Attendees include a cross-section of commercial & entertainment production and post executives from agencies, brands, production/post/vfx/music & sound/technology companies, networks and studios as well as leading directors, cinematographers and up-and-coming directors.  The afternoon agenda will include several provocative & entertaining panels and speakers providing insights into where our industry is headed creatively and from a business standpoint.  Gain perspectives on and visions of what's in store so that you and your company can stay ahead of the curve, continuing to be relevant in an evolving marketplace.  During the evening New Directors Showcase Program, you'll get a look-see at and meet some of the best up-and-coming directors who based on their initial work show promise to make positive contributions to advertising and/or entertainment in its traditional and hybrid forms. 

  • Click Here and Here for coverage of the 2019 SHOOT New Directors Showcase Event
  • Click Here for photos from the 2019 event
  • Click Here for link the the 2019 SHOOT New Directors Showcase Reel
  • Click Here for Sponsorship information - We'd love welcome you as a Sponsor of the 2020 Event! 

2019 Event Sponsors:  Lead: DGA, GARTNER, The Devil You Know  Silver:  McCann WorldGroup, The-Artery Bronze: charlieuniformtango Industry Supporter: Frankfurt Kurnit
2018 Event Sponsors:  Lead: DGA, Silver: Frankfurt Kurnit, McCann WorldGroup, The Mill; Bronze: charlieuniformtango, Commercial Directing Bootcamp
2017 Event Sponsors:  Lead: Company 3, DGA, Madison + Vine; Silver: Frankfurt Kurnit; Bronze: brother, CoMPANY Films, YouTube Red Originals, Montana Film Office, Mediavision
Other Past Sponsors include...Argyle Brothers, Anonymous Content, ARRI, Backyard, Biscuit, Crossroads, CT Film Office, Deluxe, Film US Virgin Islands, Form, Gartner, Getty Images, harvest Films, Hungry Man, Kodak, Light Iron, Method Studios, Moxie Pictures, Nevada Film Office, One at Optimus, Pump Audio, RSA, Sony, T3 Media, Tool of NA and the West Virginia Film Office

About SHOOT Magazine 
SHOOT® is the leading publication for Film, TV & Commercial Production and Post and is edited for ad agency creatives & producers, and commercial and entertainment production/post industry executives and artisans. Through its "News" and "ScreenWork" sections, "Columns", "in-depth Features", "Interviews" and "Profiles" SHOOT publishes timely news, relevant information and a behind-the-scenes look at the best new commercials, branded and entertainment content, as well as industry events, film festivals and Award Shows. In addition, SHOOT reports on the latest cinematography, post & editing technology and equipment. If the work involves advertising or entertainment content that consumers view on a screen---a TV screen, Cinema screen, Computer screen, Mobile screen or Game screen, SHOOT is searching out who's doing the most innovative work and what's coming next. For further information please visit SHOOTonline® a Follow SHOOT on Twitter here. Information from this SHOOT Publicity Wire release may be redistributed in part or in whole by members of the media, bloggers, and cinema, TV, entertainment, film, commercial, online video production and post,celebrity fan sites.