SHOOT®, via its SHOOT Publicity Wire Service (SPW), today announced its 2018 Annual NAB® Special Issue of Brand New[s] will be published on Monday, April 8th, 2019 at the end of the day. This Special Issue is bonus distribution delivered to BN's opt-in subscribers with all NAB-related news releases posted on SPW between March 1st and April 8th, 2019 at 3:00 pm ET. 

The SPW News Release Service enables NAB Exhibitors to easily, and at low-cost, have their NAB® news release(s) directly reach and engage Film, Television, Commercial, and Web video production and postproduction decision-makers at movie studios, brands, ad agencies, websites and production & postproduction companies. This guaranteed direct access for NAB News Releases comes with high quality service, ease of use and low cost, making promoting your NAB news via the SHOOT Publicity Wire a "no brainer."  SPW Release Distribution Channels

The Collision of PR & Advertising
Converting or repurposing your NAB news release into a textual ad of sorts turbo charges your PR investment beyond the tradition press model. And delivers quantifiable results. Guaranteed.  "Each year hardware and software companies invest large amounts of marketing energy, time, and money to announce their new products and services at NAB in Las Vegas. A proven method to expand the reach of these investments is to repurpose NAB news releases to go direct to the production and post marketplace via The SHOOT Publicity Wire. This is a simple, smart, and inexpensive way of insuring that the message, details, images, and videos produced from these marketing investments are heard, seen and found by film, TV, and commercial content producers." said Gerald Giannone, Managing Editor & Founder of SPW.  Sample of 2019 Special NAB Issue of Brand New[s]

Direct To Marketplace Promotion Made Simple
A SHOOT®  Publicity News Release will put your NAB news in front of production and postproduction decision-makers at movie studios, TV networks & stations, brand marketers, ad agencies, movie studios, producers, directors, production & post studios, media outlets, journalists, bloggers, researchers, social networkers, search engines, prosumers, fan sites, as well as all the other industry stakeholders and influential movers & shakers that affect the filmmaking, cinema, television, commercialmaking, web and mobile video businesses worldwide. Using well established digital feeds and opt-in ePubs* such as the SPW Media AlertsThe SHOOT >e.dition, Brand New[s], SHOOT Dailies and site placement, RSS Feeds, social feeds to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn plus The SHOOTonline Mobile App, and search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Selected releases are published in SHOOT Magazine‘s regular “On The Wire” column. Learn more about SPW News Release Distribution

In other words, your release reaches the entertainment & advertising industries motion picture segments’ movers and shakers from Hollywood to Bollywood and from Madison Avenue to Cannes and beyond. 

*All releases published by SPW have hyperlinks back to each release on all SHOOT ePubs for our opt-in subscribers to get your full story including: Brand New[s] sent every Wednesday, SHOOT Dailies, our fastest growing ePub sent M-Fs each evening, SHOOT >e.dition sent each Friday afternoon, SHOOT Screenwork sent every other Monday and SPW Media Alerts sent immediately after a release goes live to over 300 journalists, bloggers, and researchers following moving image production news. 

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In addition to the NAB Special Issue, your Release will get all The SHOOT Publicity Release Features:

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Create "Micro-Moments" to win new customers over time
Motion picture producers have access to digital information like never before at anytime and anywhere. This 24/7/365 access leads to sudden realizations (i.e.. epiphanies) for “next moves” toward improving production quality, process, and reducing costs. They want to immediately search and find constructive information that will form strategies and develop contacts to build on these realizations. These "Micro Moments" can happen at anytime of the day or night. The information found in these "micro-moments" can be the genesis that leads to changes in their workflow processes, purchasing, vendor and talent relationships. If you don’t cater to these "micro-moments," then you're losing out on perfect marketing opportunities to be a part of your rapidly changing clients' and prospects' mind set. Companies and artisans that prepare, wait, and position themselves to be found in these “micro moments” become the genesis of change for their clients and prospects instead of the victim of change. A SPW Publicity News Release is a simple, fast, means to create a “mircro-moment."

All SPW Releases post to SHOOT Twitter and Facebook pages and a promo image for this Special NAB Issue will appear on SHOOT's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts promoting the issue. Throughout the year SHOOT related social posts reach user groups such as #adagency #ASC #alexa #behindthescenes #boomoperator #broadcastproducer #broadcastproducer #bts #cameramayhem cameracrew #cameragear #camerawork #canon #cinematographer #cinematography #commercialproduction #creativedirector #director #directorofphotography #dop #film #filmcrew #filmeditors #filmlighting #filmmaker #filmmakers #filmmaking #filmproduction #filmproduction #filmschool #filmset #filmset #filmsound #gripandelectric #griprigs #grips #lightingandgrip #locationsound #makeupartist #makingmovies #moviemakers #moviemaking #nycmayorsoffice #nylovesfilm #panavision #photocontest #producedbyny #producer #production #productionassistant #productiondesigner #productionsound #REDCamera #setdesign #setelectric #setlighting #setlighting #setphotographer #shotovercamera #soundcrew #sounddevices #soundrecordist #theasc #society_of_camera_operators #vfx  and many more!

How To Post & Pricing
SHOOT's SPW News Release Service is accessible 24/7/365 and is priced at $60. USD per release including SPW Editor review and all regular SPW distribution. (15% bulk purchase discounts are available and can be used over time.) Step-by-Step instructions, requirements, and How To Post a Publicity News Release screencast video can be found here:  You’ll need to login or create (Register) FREE account prior to purchase and upload.  

Helpful Links Regarding SPW Video Release Posting

About The SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW)
The SHOOT Publicity Wire service is the publicity news & video release publishing service for the entertainment & advertising motion picture industries. SPW provides motion picture PR, marketing professionals, companies, talent and entrepreneurs a powerful, sophisticated yet economical, tool to communicate your your story directly to hard-to-reach, influential, motion-picture industry decision-makers in filmmaking, television, commercials, web multimedia industries. Launched in early 2008, SPW was created for a niche vertical market not necessarily being served by the larger general market publicity wire services. The SPW service is dedicated to offering an affordable, well managed, high quality distribution system as a more productive marketing option to expensive press release wire services.

The SHOOT® Publicity Wire (SPW) Service reaches movie studios, brand marketers, TV networks, ad agencies, producers, directors, production & post studios, media outlets, journalists, bloggers, researchers, social networkers, search engines, prosumers, fan sites, as well as all the other industry stakeholders and influential decision-makers that affect the filmmaking, commercialmaking, cinema, television, new media, web and mobile video businesses worldwide. Using digital feeds and opt-in ePubs such as the SPW Media Alerts,  Brand New[s] and SHOOT Dailies, SHOOT >e.dition and SHOOT site placement, archiving and indexing, RSS Feeds, social feeds to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and mobile SMS dynamic texting feed, the, SPW, and Screenwork home pages, and search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Whether a movie studio, ad agency, TV network, production or post company, director, talent agency, film commission, association, services provider, equipment manufacturer, software publisher, potential clients and collaborators want to learn about what's new from you or your firm. If you have just completed work on a new campaign, film, doc or show, hired great talent, been short-listed/nominated/won an award1, are promoting an upcoming event, new research, screening or film festival you need to get the word out to an audience that's interested. The SHOOT Publicity Wire allows you to target your publicity news & video releases to the companies, agencies, editors and publications that cover your industry while also communicating releases directly to a wider business and prosumer audience of clients and prospects.

Some of the copyright owners of the over 16,000 publicity releases published, distributed, and managed by SPW:  AdShare, ASSIMILATE, Archion Technologies, Art Directors Guild, Association of Commercial Producers, axle Video, Black Magic Design, Bully Pictures, CARTONI, CO3, Camp + King, Cartoni, Chainsaw, Chelsea Pictures, Cogswell College, Concrete+Clay, Cutters Studios, DOLBY, Dalet Digital Media Systems, Deluxe, Digital Bedrock, Digital Juice, Directors Guild of America, Edit Workshop, EditShare, Filmworkers,, GPL Technologies, HOBO, Hollywood Center Studios, International Cinematographers Guild,  jUMP, Kinotehnik, Joseph Finn Auctioneers, Killer Tracks, Leviathan, MPSE, MTI Film, Manios Digital & Film, Method Studios, Mobius Awards, Morro Systems, Motion Picture Sound Editors, NBC Universal, NewTek, Nice Shoes, Nonfiction, Oink Ink, Optimus, Paramount Pictures, Pixeldust Studios, Prime Focus Technologies, Proof, Producers Guild of America, Radiant Images, Red Giant, SAG-AFTRA, SIM Group, SMPTE, STIR Post Audio, STORY, Sigma, Simian, Sony Broadcast, Sony Pictures, Symply, Synthetic Pictures, Technicolor, The Hithouse, The Traveling Picture Show Company, UK Music Awards, Visual Effects Society, Visual Music, Vocas, Warner Bros., Wondros, Xytech and many many more.

SPW is for leading companies, creatives, producers, executives, managers, artisans, and their publicists in ad agencies, movie studios, production houses, talent agencies, equipment and software vendors, awards shows, film festivals, independent creatives, and others to get their work and achievements seen and recognized. SPW is a timely, comprehensive, source of new product and services information for all facets of multimedia, video, and film production/distribution.

1 Always check guild, association, contest rules before issuing release to be sure you are in compliance with the award or contest where you are in contention.

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