Award-winning director of photography Joe Gabriel and his production company One Letter Films is joining the newly-formed partnership between the Emmy-nominated ShoulderHill Entertainment and the 6,000 square foot Hudson Yards Loft production space.   Gabriel was the series DP of National Geographic’s Emmy-nominated "Brain Games" for 5 seasons and the Netflix original science series "Brainchild" produced by Pharrell Williams, a project for which ShoulderHill’s VFX division, ShockBox, supplied the visual effects.  

“Having worked with Joe for nearly a decade now, there’s a synergy in place that makes this an easy transition,” says Danielle Addair, partner and executive producer of ShoulderHill Entertainment. “With this expansion of One Letter’s production experience, client relationships and equipment combined with our recent partnership with Hudson Yard Lofts, we have created a one-stop facility for film and television.” 

In recent years ShoulderHill Entertainment and One Letter Films have worked together on numerous projects, including Al Gore’s "24 Hours of Reality,"  a worldwide television broadcast that has been seen in over 180 countries. The two companies also joined forces with Cirque du Soleil’s One Night for One Drop for the visual effects driven performance film "A Message of Hope" as well as a filmed musical performance of Annie’s Lennox’s "A Thousand Beautiful Things."

“Over the past few years with One Letter’s expansion into VFX heavy acquisition and production, it made sense to come under the ShoulderHill banner. They are a company that’s unique in that they not only create high-end content, but they do it all in-house,” says One Letter Films owner Joe Gabriel. “Now we have an entire team from development through post that will allow me to create for my clients in ways I never thought possible.”  

Gabriel’s upcoming credits include "Hydration," a documentary feature produced by Pharrell Williams, and "Black Patriots," a History Channel documentary executive produced by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Other credits include "Through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman, "National Geographic Explorer" and "The Men Who Built America," as well as commercial and branded content for NBC, MSNBC, CBS, MSG, AT&T, GE, Nationwide, Merck, Ralph Lauren, Spectrum, Sephora, Lay's, Clearasil, Revlon. and FedEx.

ShoulderHill Entertainment has produced over a 100 hours of global film and television, having worked with clients ranging from Netflix, Lionsgate, Universal, Paramount, Hulu, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Fox. The company has also worked with some of the world’s largest brands including Sony, PepsiCo, Samsung and AB InBev.  

About ShoulderHill
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