Simian, the industry-leading production asset management service, is ending the summer with a bang, unveiling an upgraded version of Simian Infusion, it’s plugin for Adobe’s Premiere Pro editing software, and launching Trending Reels, a new analytics report designed to boost users sales capabilities and help them sharpen their marketing outreach. 

“It’s just another summer of upgrades and new features here at Simian,” says  Head of Sales Kellie Atton. “We’re constantly listening to our users, and that feedback leads directly to the kinds of new capabilities and updates to existing tools that we introduce on a regular basis.” The new version of Simian Infusion is available for download here.  

“This Infusion upgrade brings the functionality of Simian right into the Premiere environment, allowing editors to pull comments and annotations, sync markers, upload and send cuts, import and export video, and more, all without leaving Premiere,” explains Simian Chief Technology Officer Jay Brooks. “It offers a wide range of benefits, all designed to streamline the review and approval process and get you to an approved cut faster than before. No more cross-referencing notes or comments from emails, or switching between apps. It’s going to be a huge time-saver.”  

The Simian Infusion upgrade is joined by another new feature, Trending Reels, which boosts the platform’s legendary real-time analytics capabilities. “We’ve always been known for our analytics and reel viewing data, which can be found in things like our engagement graphs and reel reports,” says Kellie. “Collectively, these give EPs and reps a 360-view into what their prospects are actually looking for. Now, with Trending Reels, we’ve added even more firepower to our reel building arsenal.”  

More than just view notifications, Trending Reels alerts users when reel activity heats up, or when older “zombie reels” magically spring back to life. “This data lets Simian users quickly identify trends in viewing patterns, which can tip them off to when they’re about to be shortlisted or asked to bid,” explains Kellie. “This business moves quickly, and Trending Reels can ensure that EPs or reps don’t miss an opportunity to make that perfectly-timed follow up when a reel from the past becomes active again.” 

Trending Reels reflects Simian’s constant push to help its users put themselves in position to win more jobs. “No other video platform provides this level of insight into how showreels are performing,” notes Simian Chief Operating Officer Brian Atton. “We’re constantly analyzing the data we have on reel viewing, and finding new ways to collate and organize that for our users’ benefit. By presenting this in an at-a-glance format, we’re making it easily accessible, so that people can react on the spot.” 

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