Simian, the leader in innovative video sharing and collaboration solutions for the advertising, film and media & entertainment industries has completely revamped their existing Microsite Creator to provide both business and creative teams all-new features and options for presenting video. Presentations can now be viewed in real-time, as they are built, via inline editing that provides an intuitive, simplified creation environment. In addition, enhanced analytic capabilities offer a deeper understanding of media presentation performance.

From new business and talent pitches to work in progress and digital asset repositories, Simian Microsites have long offered endless options for presenting video and creative works and this most recent upgrade is no exception. Simian has introduced an impressive array of new templates equipped with customization options such as font selection and layouts, plus the ability to add contacts and social links. Even existing templates have been retrofitted for a modern look and all have been optimized for every device.

As an alternative to typical showreel and sales presentations, Microsites accommodate more information and custom content with very little time investment.  “With video, Keynote and PowerPoint are cumbersome and very limiting, not to mention files are often too large to send via email and offer no analytics,” says Simian co-founder, Brian Atton. “By understanding our clients' needs and prioritizing their experience, we are able to provide them with more creative control and a competitive advantage when presenting their work,” Atton adds.

"In addition to the streamlined interface, we have added the ability for CSS overrides and for embedding analytical tracking codes which help our clients retarget to their audiences," says Simian CTO, Jay Brooks. "Be it Google Analytics or Facebook pixel tracking, our advanced analytics really open up the uses and add the power to integrate Microsites into larger campaigns." These additional customization options, along with Simian’s recently launched 360°/VR Video Support Solution, gives users the ability to create unique presentations that suit their business needs.

Simian constantly explores new ways to expand their Microsite template offering in an effort to help creatives build true, digital pre-production books and treatments that can be sent digitally, downloaded and turned into a PDF for printing.

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