3Beep, a boutique script writing and sound studio, has announced its association with Andy Yerkes, who will contribute to its creative services team as Head of Development. Yerkes is integral to 3Beep's initiative to help foreign producers create shows with broad appeal across the major global markets. Yerkes’ collaboration with 3Beep expands on its client offerings, including project development, original script writing, music scoring and English voicing. 

Yerkes has been nominated for six Emmy® awards, participating in the development of more than a dozen TV series and serving as the head writer for over 500 episodes of television. His credits include the Emmy® award-winning shows “Bear in the Big Blue House,” “The Book of Pooh,” and “Word World” among many others. Yerkes’ work has appeared on global media outlets including Nickelodeon, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, HBO, PBS, BBC, ITV, and Comedy Central..

3Beep’s New York City-based studios have been involved with a wide range of content creators this summer. Recent projects include "Snack World", "Winx Club", "Kid-E-Cats" and "KikoRiki."

"Andy Yerkes is an ideal resource for 3Beep’s international client base,” says Charles Darby, Co-Founder of 3Beep. “He will work with 3Beep on a per-project basis as he continues his freelance career with the many producers and networks that rely on his creativity, enthusiasm, experience and hard work.  We look forward to introducing Andy to our many foreign clients — especially those in China and Russia — to help guide their producers as they strive to create global franchises.” 

About 3Beep
3Beep is a boutique script writing and sound studio. Founded in New York City by Tim Werenko and Charles Darby, 3Beep is dedicated to creatively enhancing client projects. Services include original script writing, existing script adaption, voice casting, celebrity casting, direction, music and song composition. The company also handles SAG contractual issues related to celebrity casting, other foreign language dubbing needs, and all required deliverables. 3Beep’s client portfolio includes Netflix, Rainbow, DQ, Wizart, Level-5, FunUnion, Panama Grand Prix, Animagrad, ROI Visual, O Plus Media, Ori Animation, Shout Factory, HuHu Studios, Foundland Pictures, Melnitsa, Mirsand and more. 

For more information, please visit www.3Beep.net.