To introduce their newest offering, Zing, maker of StikBot brand stop motion animation toys, tapped Something’s Awry Productions, a production company focused on branded content, to create two new shorts. Using only the items provided in the StikBot Stop Motion Pirate movie set, and the StikBot Stop Motion Country Farm Movie Set, Something’s Awry created two short films; Ahoy Mateys! and The Hero of StikBot Farm.

Both the StikBot Stop Motion Pirate movie set, and the StikBot Stop Motion Country Farm Movie Set, contain characters, costumes, set pieces and props. The sibling creative team of Kris(24yr), Kurtis(20yr) and Nik(20yr) Theorin, only used the toys included in the sets for each film. Both stories highlight the features of the StikBot toy offerings with a fun and somewhat off-kilter humor that doesn’t talk down to kids. The StikBot characters also break the 4th wall, making viewers watching feel more like a moviemaking peer and not a customer.

“Something’s Awry Productions is our go-to team for creating content to promote our StikBot brand. Since we started working with them, we’ve seen StikBot grow to become a top seller at several mass retailers and one of the most followed toy channels on YouTube,”  said Alex Tongue,  Digital Marketing Manager at Zing Global Ltd. “Their quality of animation and ability to write a story that captivates an audience is truly unmatched.”

Developed with creativity and imagination in mind, StikBot turns kids into moviemakers. StikBot combines the use of social media with traditional toy play by enabling kids to become their own directors. StikBot features easy-to-pose figures and a  free mobile app, StikBot Studio, which allows users to snap individual photos and stitches them together into a film. Built-in sound effects and music round out the tool kit and gives the young directors everything they need to create their own stop-motion mini-movies. Kids can then upload their own films to social media. 

Founded by Amy Theorin and her three sons Kris(24), Kurtis(20) and Nik(20), Something’s Awry Productions conceives and creates attention-getting short form video content including stop-motion, 2D, 3D animation as well as live-action cinematography. Something’s Awry creates engaging, sticky content that amplifies brand recognition and ROI. Current and past clients include international brands like Mattel, LEGO, Warner Bros. and Zing Toys. 

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