Sound Lounge launched the industry’s first-ever remote audio post-production and sound mixing service in early 2017. With Sound Lounge Everywhere hubs in Boston, Atlanta and Denver, the mission was to provide clients in other cities with seamless remote connection to Sound Lounge artists. Never before had agency creatives and producers been able to connect to New York City talent in real time, while cutting the costs of travel and production. Now, with the changing landscape of the industry and shifting work norms, the audio studio is truly able to provide Sound Lounge Everywhere to clients anywhere across the globe!

Armed with nearly four years of existing remote expertise, Sound Lounge was ahead of the game facing COVID-19 office shutdowns. While others may have been wondering what to do, Sound Lounge immediately sprang into action getting their home setups to studio standard. Sound Lounge was able to foresee issues with talent audio quality and connectivity, carving out time before sessions to test talent and walk them through achieving high-quality home records. It was clear to clients early on that Sound Lounge was successfully anticipating their needs and delivering at a level comparable to in studio.

“Even though agency producers aren’t a part of those talent tests, it’s very much felt within the session. There are no glitches, there are no delays...there haven’t been any technical issues at all,” explained Danene DiCicco, a Senior Producer at MullenLowe Boston and a Sound Lounge Everywhere regular. “While it’s always nice to go in and sit with your creatives or be in the same room with your engineer, that really is the only difference now. The quality of the output is very much the same working with Sound Lounge remotely.”

Sound Lounge originally launched their remote division confident that geography was no longer an obstacle. Today, that belief is ever more obvious, and advertisers are ready to take advantage of it. Over the last six months, Sound Lounge mixers have connected with clients all over - from Boston to LA, to Oregon, to Chicago, to Florida, to Vancouver, to London. 

“When we first launched remote sessions in 2017, the weirdest thing for clients was interacting with me on a screen and not being in the room with them,” said Glen Landrum, a Senior Mixer at Sound Lounge. “So now that we’ve all been forced to work remotely across the board, everyone’s more comfortable virtually. It really opens up the remote mixing possibilities.”