It doesn’t matter if you’re a tied up bank guard, an EMT performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking diner or even a medieval knight, there are no excuses for not snapping into a Slim Jim  -- that’s the concept behind the hilarious new multi-platform campaign directed by John Grammatico of production company Spears & Arrows for the popular beef jerky snacks via agency Match MG, Chicago.

Three :15 spots just began airing nationally, with a robust online/social media campaign, as well as cinema spots, to roll out in coming weeks.

“Comedy is one of the most challenging of all advertising genres, and Slim Jim sets the bar high,” Jason Wolk, Spears & Arrows Founder and Executive Producer, says. “Fortunately John is a natural with comedy, as evidenced by not just the three TV spots, but the social media components he collaborated on extensively with the agency. I give credit to the client and their agencies for continuing to work only with the most developed comedy directors. Preceding John, Slim Jim worked with The Perlorian Brothers and Harold Einstein.”

The three spots have a similar set up, with each protagonist complaining about their hunger while those around them all munch on Slim Jim’s and display zero sympathy. However, the absurd punch lines are all uniquely their own.

The spot “Bank Tellers” features a tied up bank guard complaining that “lunch was so long ago” while the tellers, a fellow guard and the bank robber himself all eat a Slim Jim while imploring him to shut up; in “Heimlich” an EMT performing the Heimlich on a choking restaurant patron complains that he’s hungry all while his co-workers and literally every customer in the restaurant, including the eventually saved victim, eat Slim Jim’s. Each spot ends with the voiceover saying “Snap into bold flavored protein -- snap into a Slim Jim.”

Grammatico noted that since the campaign marks the first Slim Jim’s ads since switching creative duties to Match MG, both the brand and the agency were looking for a fresh directorial perspective.

“What I appreciate about Slim Jim’s branding is that it’s unapologetic about its comedy and unafraid to be absurd,” Grammatico says. “There were many times during the process when presented with options the creatives and I would look at each other and run toward the silliest one. You don't get to do that very often in this business.”

He adds, “The campaign is called ‘No Excuses’ and I felt like that's appropriate for the creative process too. There are no excuses if you can't have fun on a job like this where everyone comes together in the interest of a brand to simply make people laugh. It never got bogged down with any red tape or office politics. It was just good old-fashioned stupid fun -- my favorite kind.”

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