Creative technology company Splash Worldwide is continuing to convene marketing leaders in major European markets and evangelize on the mission-critical subject of Dynamic Content Optimisation (DCO) and related topics. Most recently, the company's Global Creative Director Chris Goddard and Chief Strategy Officer Alastair Duncan were joined by Flashtalking's UK Managing Director Simon Thorne in Amsterdam, where their Thinkfast presentation was entitled, "Dynamic Creative: Friend or Foe?" 

Notably, Splash's next Thinkfast event – "Can Creativity and Performance be Friends Again?" – is set for 19 June at the LBB and Friends Beach at Plage Croisette Beach in Cannes. Featuring Duncan along with Splash Chairman Graham Hinton, The Economist's Chief Marketing Officer Mark Cripps and Sir John Hegarty of The Garage, those interested in attending are encouraged to contact as soon as possible for an invitation, as seating will be limited.

In partnership with CoLab Media Consulting, Splash launched its in-depth DCO study with senior brand marketers in early 2019. The "Dynamic Creative: Friend or Foe?" reception held at Soho House Amsterdam drew executives from Innocent, Mindshare, Nikon, RMP, Reckitt Benckiser and TBWA, among many others. 

Generally spotlighting the powerfully effective upside of DCO when managed accordingly, Goddard made the point that marketers can no longer hide from data. "There has never been a more important time in our industry to sculpt beautifully crafted brand communications," he said. "DCO practises allow us to deliver those communications with powerful relevance and impact to hyper-targeted audiences."

Drawing further on the underlying research, Duncan shared insights into the major challenges CMOs and media agencies admit facing in leveraging DCO practises effectively and at-scale. "With half of media budgets now going online, brand leaders understand the need for their ads to be memorable for the right reasons," he said. "Everyone wants to get this right, and our research shows that the means for achieving that goal are within reach."

Led by Thorne, the Amsterdam session's Q&A surfaced many concerns about the importance of quality data and the best mixture of content and targeting. To address a specific question about initiating DCO efforts, Thorne emphasized the need to intelligently design campaigns for measurement purposes. 

"People have a tendency to try to achieve too much," Thorne began. "Many tech vendors will offer an enormous array of services, so don't try and do everything at once. Achieve a benchmark for success and concentrate on how you are measuring – to get the right balance between conversion and click through rate."

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