Storefront Music’s recent Big Game spot featuring an “ageless” Marilyn Monroe™ portrayed by actor Willem Dafoe for SNICKERS® highlights the kind of authentic approach to music that lies at the heart of everything the music house composes and records.
Musical Authenticity
For the just-aired spot, Storefront was charged by agency BBDO with the task of immediately transporting viewers back to the 1950s film set of “The Seven Year Itch.” According to Storefront co-founder Adam Elk, his team of composers crafted a handful of pieces inspired by film scores of the 1950’s. “We hired great string and horn players, recording them through period-appropriate microphones and preamps,” says Elk. “We wanted to produce a score that sounded like it was recorded at Capitol Records in 1955.” 
“We approached this spot, like every spot we do, with a sharp attention to detail. Even our mixes were processed through vintage equalizers and finalized with vintage compression. The result was a piece of music that transports viewers back to that period in time,” says Storefront producer Alex Fulton.
Boutique Music House
“At the end of the day, Storefront applies the same attention to detail across the board, be it a country track for the H-E-B big game spot (Richards Group), hip-hop for Gatorade (VML) or an Electro swing remix for Airwick (Droga5),” says co-founder John “Scrapper” Sneider. “We aim to stand apart by remaining true to the standards of musicianship and production that gave the music industry its first golden era, but do it with a 21st century efficiency that modern media production demands.” 
About Storefront Music
The idea is simple… Work with the best people, create the best music you possibly can, treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and enjoy every moment of it. Welcome to Storefront.