Nathan Lee has joined Sumptuous Media as a director for Stop Motion Animation.

Executive Producer David Warren & Director Nigel Rowe at table top production company Sumptuous Media are very proud to announce the addition of Director Nathan Lee.

Over the past several years he has directed and produced content for major brands like Whole Foods Market, Mutual of Omaha, and Habitat for Humanity. Nathan began his career shooting documentaries and has also worked extensively in post-production. Once he discovered the magic of stop motion animation he was hooked. “Sumptuous Media’s resources and skills are going to allow me to take stop motion in a more refined direction,” Lee said.

Nathan Lee is a native of Georgia and is returning to America after a successful stint working in Italy. Aside from animation, Nathan enjoys the great outdoors, international travel and culture, and the hunt for the best tacos in any given location.

Looking to the future with Lee onboard, Rowe & Warren are highly enthusiastic. “Stop Motion animation is a natural extension of our current offerings shooting precision motion pictures on a stage with motion control. The tools required to do so are the same, but the resulting work is a fresh addition to our current offerings,” added David Warren.

About Sumptuous Media
Sumptuous Media is a commercial production company specializing in tabletop production, motion control shooting, and stop-motion animation. The firm was founded by David Warren, co-founder of ATL Locations, a successful location scouting & management company and Nigel G. Rowe, owner of Roundel MC, Atlanta’s only Milo Motion Control Camera company.