These days, many people know that spaying/neutering is the most humane and effective way to reduce pet overpopulation. But not everyone knows that fixing your cat will also help eliminate problem behaviors, like spraying, yowling, and other forms of acting out. Sharing the message, this campaign for reunites the client and the creative team at Northlich/Cincinnati with director Jordan Brady of Superlounge. “The Talk” is the third in a series of campaigns, following the acclaimed “Scooter” and “Scooter & Marmalade” efforts.

In one spot, a couple addresses the problem of “Yowling”; in another, it’s the “Spraying” - stains on the couch and the wall and the ceiling - that call for a sit-down; and, when the boys start to come around the house, it’s time for a talk with “Daddy’s Little Girl”.

View the campaign here.

About Jordan Brady
Jordan Brady has directed over 719 national TV spots to date. Through his commercial production company, Superlounge, he directs ad campaigns for brands and agencies all over the world. Mr. Brady began as a stand-up comedian, touring nightclubs and colleges in 49 states across America. His first big break came when MTV tapped him to host a game show, “Turn It Up!” Next, he hosted and directed the NBC Saturday Morning reality series, “Name Your Adventure”. In addition to NBC promo shoots, Mr. Brady began directing short films and series for Comedy Central and MTV. In 1997, Mr. Brady wrote and directed the feature mockumentary, “Dill Scallion”. Critic Roger Ebert anointed it the “‘Spinal Tap’ of country music.” Mr. Brady followed up with the independent film “The Third Wheel” starring Ben Affleck and Luke Wilson, and the Miramax flop “Waking Up In Reno” with Billy Bob Thornton and an undiscovered Charlize Theron. Mr. Brady’s first documentary was I AM COMIC, which explores the art and occupational hazards of stand-up comedy. It stars Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy, Janeane Garofalo and 76 other professional comics. As host of the popular podcast RESPECT THE PROCESS, Mr. Brady interviews as wide range of ad bizzers and filmmakers on a weekly basis.

About Superlounge
Superlounge is a boutique LA production company with a roster of award-winning commercial directors that includes Jordan Brady, Daniel Sheppard, Brett Wagner, Jeff Aron Lable, and Barton Landsman.